Home Decorating Tips: Spring Decor

Home Decorating Tips: Spring Decor

Spring Décor Begins With Bright Hues Nothing will wake up your home décor more than the addition of an energetic color palette that embraces springtime. Make a bold statement by adding one vibrant accent piece to your room. Spring Decor Tips: This decor-friendly color blends well with other nature-based hues and brings an air of […]

How to Tie Your Decorating Together with Color Schemes

How to Tie Your Decorating Together with Color Schemes

Room Decorating Color Schemes Repeating your color palette throughout the room will tie your decor all together. The key to keeping it from looking too “matchy-match” is to vary shades, patterns and textures in your color scheme. When accessorizing with throw pillows, vases, area rugs, etc. in the same color palette as the room, be […]

Home Interior Design Ideas

Home Interior Design Ideas That Marry Color with Personality

Use Color to Bring Out Your Personality in Your Home Décor You already know what colors you gravitate toward. Just look at your wardrobe, the color of your car, and the general hue of your dinnerware. A quick inventory will squarely put you in either the warm or cool side of the color wheel. So, […]

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Decorate With Color

General Color Guidelines for Decorating It never fails- you’re ready to transform a room and you quickly get stuck just trying to figure out a color palette. What colors match? How do you choose a palette? Which colors then make good accents? It’s enough to make you throw down all those paint chips and swatches […]

Country Door's Color Guide for Choosing Colors based on Mood

Let Your Mood Color Your World

Colorful Ideas for Home Decorating It goes without saying that when you’re happy with your surroundings, you’re a happier person. And much of our environs have a lot to do with the colors you choose to surround yourself. Find Inspiration The easiest place to start for inspiration is your closet. Just look at all those […]