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How to Pick an Artificial Christmas Tree

Tips and ideas to find the best tree! Artificial Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes for your holiday home.

Outdoor Cushion Buying Guide

Our pieces are designed to fit your patio furniture must-haves. Choose from a large variety of prints and solids in fade-, stain- and moisture-resistant materials. Easy care for practical maintenance. Unique tufting and tailoring to match your favorite chairs and benches. And they’re all Made in the USA.

How to Buy Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets Buying and Care Guide
There are hundreds of bed sheets online and in stores. The selection can be overwhelming. Thread counts, fabrics, weaves, fit–who knew choosing sheets could be so complicated?

Here’s some answers to your most burning questions about sheets. Hopefully they make the next bed linen shopping trip a […]

The Story of the Candy Cane

History of Candy Canes
Ah…that peppermint flavored treat that takes the candy spotlight during the holidays. From how it looks to how it tastes, it may very well earn the “taste of Christmas” award hands down. Here we give it some well-deserved attention.
Where do candy canes come from?
There are a wealth […]

Once Upon a Gingerbread House…

Why Do We Make Gingerbread Houses at Christmas?
The very aroma of gingerbread baking in the oven immediately puts everyone in the holiday spirit. This traditional Christmas treat has been baking up in ovens since as early as the 15th century. And no holiday season would be complete without the quintessential […]

How to Use Table Runners

How to decorate with table runners.
Think of a table runner as an accessory for a table. It does for your table what a scarf can do for an outfit. You can use it to highlight a centerpiece, create a dramatic effect or add color and texture. Here we answer the […]

Family-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids
Trick-or-treaters of all ages appreciate a spooky good shindig. When you’re aiming for a party that the whole family can enjoy there are a few things to keep in mind so that everyone enjoys themselves and has a boo-tastic time.
Think of a Party Theme 
Choose Halloween decor […]

How to Choose Side Tables for Your Home

Tips and Ideas to Pick the Perfect Side Table for Your Space
When you’re decorating a room, it can be easy to spend the majority of your time focused on the big items, like a sofa, a large media console or a colorful area rug. But don’t forget to shift your […]

Sofa Slipcovers Instantly Update a Room

Creative Living Room Décor Using Slipcovers
Looking for a way to try a new color palette in your living room, or want to give your family room an instant makeover? Get acquainted with today’s sofa slipcovers. Gone are the days of ill-fitting slipcovers that look sloppy and don’t fit well. Today’s […]

How to Clean Your Outdoor Rugs

How to Keep Your Outdoor Rugs Looking New
By their very nature, outdoor rugs are meant to weather the elements to some degree outside, but everyone should take to time to learn how to clean your outdoor rugs to keep them looking great and enduring through each season.
How to Clean Your […]