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10 Tips for Making Your Perfect Home Office

10 Tips for Making Your Perfect Home Office

Get Organized with These Home Office Design Ideas

Think of it as central intelligence for your home, the home office serves as headquarters for all manner of business, from paying bills to collecting mail to organizing home businesses. When you are ready to dedicate one space to the task, take some time to thoughtfully plan your office out. After all, this is the one place that you will likely spend a lot of time, so make it a place that you enjoy as much as it is a place to be productive.

Location Counts

When you choose the location of your home office, think about how you will be using it most. Is it likely that you will you be burning the midnight oil? Do you want to be able to shut out the rest of the house, or know that you want to close the door rather than organize your desk? Will a corner desk at the end of a hallway be all you need? Let how you plan to work guide you in your location selection.

Keep It Functional

Don’t overdo it on style and forget about the functional elements of your space. You still need to stay organized. Think about how you will wrangle all your project work. Do you need filing cabinets, multiple drawers or shelving? Do you prefer bookshelves with doors or open shelving that is easy to reach? Your organizational style will play a big role in how you tackle this element. Don’t forget about the possibilities that stacking boxes, baskets and storage cubes offer as well.

Be Brilliant

You won’t get much accomplished if you don’t have some adequate work lighting. What kind of lighting will your space allow? Distinct table lighting aimed directly on your desk, or overhead home lighting to fill the whole room? Don’t forget about accent lighting to fill corners of the room (or to give light to a chair that should feel inviting for guests) or under-shelf lighting.

Make It Personal

Don’t think that just because your home office is designed to be a work area, that it must feel sterile and impersonal like corporate cubicles. Be sure to add your own personal touches, like wall signs with inspirational quotes that will keep you motivated and promote a positive atmosphere.

Check Your View

You will be happy to have natural light in your new office space. Position your desk so that you can gaze out the window whenever you need a break. Hang sheer panel curtains to add a touch of color and style to the space.

Take a Seat

You will spend plenty of time at your desk, so make sure the chair you choose is comfortable. Be sure to test out all kinds of chairs, ones that swivel, with arms and without, and even chairs that you wouldn’t initially consider for a home office. Those are the ones that will add personality to your space. Just remember that it serve its function well, in addition to your sensibilities.

Tackle the Tech

There is no way to avoid the need for technology in today’s home office. Make sure you have access to plenty of power outlets and there is a natural place for your computer, monitor, printer, scanner and whatever kind of electronics you may need.

The Little Things

Don’t forget all the little things that make work life bearable: a pencil cup to wrangle everything from scissors to pens, wastebasket that is just the right size (careful to pick one that is too small), an attractive bulletin board covered in a lovely fabric, a cubby wall shelf that holds knick knacks, a throw that you can toss around your shoulders on chilly mornings.

Take Your Pet to Work

When you work from home, every day can be take your pet to work day. If you have a furry friend who is likely to be your constant companion, then dedicate a corner that is just for them with a dog bed for Fido or an elevated place near the window for the kitty.

You’re on Camera

Working from home is becoming more and more popular thanks to the advances of technology. So too are online meetings and conference calls. Be sure to keep this in mind and ensure that when you log into a video call, that you are comfortable with what you fellow colleagues will see in the background.


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