Earn Your Green Thumb Status With These Inspiring Gardening Ideas

Can you feel it in the air? It’s the bona fide beginning of gardening season and it holds the promise of all things green and bountiful. Now, you can tackle your garden armed with these easy gardening tips for bringing out the best in your garden all season long.

  1. Set-up an outdoor sink in your yard or on a patio to keep the dirt outdoors where it belongs.
  2. Place evergreen potted plants on porches, on porch steps and around front entrances to add inviting greenery year round.
  3. Before planting any new permanent young tree in your yard, carefully consider the expected shape and size during maturity; by taking space and height issues into account now, you might choose a more easily maintained dwarf variety instead.
  4. Umbrellas provide sun protection with style. This is a perfect way to be bold and add a splash of color to your outdoor living space.
  5. Consider using cement paving stones or bricks to create pathways in and around your garden. Visitors can meander among your various plant beds with ease.
  6. Add a charming garden bridge over a pond, small streams or rock beds that grace your garden area. Even just adding an archway from one plant bed to another adds a beautiful element.
  7. Don’t overlook the power of tiny fragrant tea roses to lend elegance to gardens. You can train them to grow decoratively along fence posts, garden gates and trellises. And the aroma is wonderful!
  8. A small garden shed makes for easy access to the tools and supplies stored on the wall. Look for ways to incorporate your shed into your landscape. Decorate around the shed with flowers, whimsical sculptures and a flagstone path leading up to the door.
  9. Cover uneven patches of ground using an attractive combination of closely planted, colorful irises; these hardy, bulb-based plants will naturally expand over the course of time to fill in small depressions with bright floral beauty.
  10. Lend a decorating eye to your outdoor space like your would with your inside space. Decorate with outdoor plaques and signs, sculptures, outdoor chandeliers and indoor/outdoor area rugs.
  11. Remember to check the reproductive requirements of new fruit and berry plants added to the yard each year. Some, such as some popular grape vines, won’t bear fruit unless others vines of the same species and opposite sex grow nearby.
  12. Use elevated plant beds to reduce the strain on back muscles and knees during weeding and cultivation; many manufacturers today offer convenient prefabricated raised bedding systems to ease gardening tasks for seniors.
  13. Use a large indoor/outdoor rug to transform your outdoor living space into a livable, inviting conversation area.
  14. In a large garden, try interspersing fragrant blossoms, such as lilac, honeysuckle, mock orange or lavender, with other less aromatic varieties, in order to create an inviting, lingering garden scent.
  15. No arrangement needs to be permanent. Move furniture, planters, lanterns and other outdoor décor as often as you like.
  16. If you garden in an apartment, consider expanding your planting area upwards by placing a trellis horizontally against the interior of the balcony.
  17. Watermelons, cantaloupes and squash grow easily in mound arrangements; simply add fertilizer to mounded earth, and add three to four seeds to each small hill.
  18. Don’t overlook the power of small flowering plants, such as buttercups, to create attractive contrast edging around larger floral plantings.
  19. Provide a place for contemplation in the garden with an inviting bench where anyone can sit and enjoy all the beautiful gifts of a garden.
  20. Add solar-powered lights at carefully selected points to attractively outline a garden bed at night, without stressing young plants.

How does your garden grow?

Now is the time to start planting and enjoying your garden, so check out the latest arrivals in outdoor décor. You’ll find many options that are ideal for all your outdoor spaces.