Home Storage Ideas to Keep the Clutter Under Control

If your idea of home storage is a mountain of cardboard boxes hidden away in a closet, then it’s time to re-think things. Consider all those items that need tucked away, but are still often needed. Instead, choose one of these home storage ideas that are both decorative and practical. From an attractive console to basket-filled shelving to a lovely storage bench, there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of decorative storage and keep things close at hand!

Decorative Storage

A console offers handsome space to hide clutter. Or make use of open shelving by stashing your stuff in attractive baskets. Put some of your favorite pieces out in the open for more personalized panache.

Storage Bench

Bedroom Storage

Put a storage bench at the end of your bed. It’s a handy spot to store extra blankets and pillows, plus, it’s a great place to sit when you put on slippers or shoes.

Storage Trunk

Multi-functional Storage Spaces

Satisfy your storage needs by adding an ottoman or a trunk to your living space to store blankets or quilts. You can also stack your trunks for the perfect end table or nightstand.

Sheet Sets

Tips for Storing Linens

Corral unruly sheet sets with this useful tip. Store each set inside one of its pillowcases and organize the sets by size—twins on one shelf, queens on another and so on. Be sure to keep defining details, like trim, clearly visible. Another idea: organize freshly washed linens into sets. Fold flat sheets in half the long way and then in half along the long fold (repeat fold for wider sheets). Do the same with fitted sheets, laying each on top of a folded flat sheet. Fold the matching pillowcases in half (the long way too), lay them on top of the sheets and roll everything into a neat set. Stack on shelves; each family member can grab the set for his or her bed.

Christmas Decorations

Storing Christmas Decorations

Store Christmas decorations in large, plastic tubs with snap-on lids. Label each tub, listing the contents, and then stack them on shelves in your basement or garage. This will protect your things from damage, dust and dampness.