Choose From Several Types of Fountains to Add Beauty to Your Garden

It can be easy to spend the majority of time decorating your garden with flowering blooms, charming sculptures, and trailing vines. Take a moment to consider adding the special touch of a garden fountain to your backyard paradise. Watch it transform an ordinary garden into a magical oasis with the gentle sound of flowing water.

Bubbling Fountains

Gentle bubbling cascading fountains are the most commonly seen in gardens due to their versatility and easy to place size. Look for these types of fountains in a myriad of styles from barrel fountains, to glazed pots to stone planters. A bubbling fountain can look right at home amongst your other garden decorations.

Tiered Fountains

Tiered Fountains

Also known as spilling fountains, this style has endured in popularity for hundreds of years. It lends itself to being the centerpiece of your garden and can take a little more work to design and maintain depending on how ornate you would like it to be. It can be as simple as a pedestal stand-alone style, or as grand as a large pool with multiple tiers. Keep in mind that these kinds of fountains will deliver more vigorous water sound, the bigger they are.

Solar Water Fountain

Solar Garden Fountains

These types of fountains have the versatility of going anywhere without being restricted to an electric source. Many solar fountains have a long solar cord that can be placed in a sunny location even when you place the fountain in a shaded area. There are many style options to choose from and can make designing your garden an easy and enjoyable exercise.

Disappearing Fountain

Disappearing Fountain

These types of fountains seem to disappear into the space around them. The water reservoir is hidden beneath the ground out of sight, so there is no open pond or basin, making it a good choice whenever there are small children around. It is particularly easy to care for since water doesn’t pool, algae doesn’t grow and there is no place for dirt or leaves to accumulate.

Wall Water Fountain

Wall Fountain

Small spaces, such as courtyards or entryways, are ideal places for a wall fountain. Choose one that fits nicely on the wall space you have available. Usually, there are options that are either freestanding or mounted. Either way, it can be lovely to add the relaxing sound of water in a small space. Add an outdoor accent light to spotlight your wall fountain in the evening for a beautiful effect.