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Let Your Mood Color Your World

Country Door's Color Guide for Choosing Colors based on Mood

Colorful Ideas for Home Decorating

It goes without saying that when you’re happy with your surroundings, you’re a happier person. And much of our environs have a lot to do with the colors you choose to surround yourself.

Find Inspiration

The easiest place to start for inspiration is your closet. Just look at all those clothes hanging in there and you’ll start to see a trend that is all you. Even though fashions have their own trends, each of us tends to gravitate toward those hues that make us feel good. This is the right place to start when seeking a color palette.

Pick Paint Color Last

Resist the temptation to start with the walls and work your way in. Instead, start with one of your favorite pieces in the room – a rug, a lamp, maybe it’s a throw pillow, and find your main color there. Often, decorative pieces may be harder to find, or more pricey, so letting those drive the color is wise. Conversely, paint is relatively inexpensive and easy to change.

Avoid Matchy Matchy

It’s easy to get caught up in the quest for matching your color palette to perfection, but a room has plenty of space to let your color palette breathe. Find shades in varying hues or intensities. Too much of a good thing, can indeed be too much.

Go Home

Don’t stand in front of the rainbow of paint chips at your local home improvement store and expect to find the right color. You have to bring them home so you can see and feel them in your space and lighting. Even better, get a few sample jars of paint and put them up on your walls. The right shade will likely become clear.

Find a Balance

Don’t lose sight of your room’s function while you’re trying to set a particular mood. A bright, vivid hot pink will set a distinctive mood in your bedroom, but it might not promote the most restful night’s sleep. Be sure to strike the right balance.

Find Your Neutral Zone

When you think of neutral colors, many of us automatically think of a nice light beige. But, there are actually many beautiful neutrals, such as olive greens, navy blues, charcoal greys and rich cocoas to choose from and can be a nice step away from tan walls.

Color Perception

Wall color can change the perception of room size and shift the mood. Pale, cool colors can make a living room feel larger, while dark, rich shades tend to make a large living room feel more intimate and cozy.

Get in the Mood

How do you want this room to feel? Do you want it to be warm and inviting, or light and airy? Should it feel serene, elegant, energetic or sensual? Color is a major player when it comes to mood, so decide on the mood, then pick your colors from there.

 Color Guide for Choosing Colors based on Mood

redRed fills any room with liveliness and affection, and is filled with drama and romance. Rich with emotion and delightful to the senses, red can be enjoyed in bright poppy field, clusters or roses or fresh-picked apples.

redorangeRed-Orange is more complex than any other color, merging passion and warmth. Radiating like a hot brick oven, molten lava or Arizona’s painted desert, red-orange awakens the adventurous spirit and creates a fiery, rustic atmosphere.

orangeOrange is full of energy, joy and optimism. Closely linked with appetite, harvest and maturity, orange gives off feelings of warmth, contentment and wholeness.

yelloworangeYellow-Orange finds its way into our lives as heat and warmth. It’s the color of a glowing fire, the soft petals of a sunflower, or the afternoon sun. Representing wealth, autumn and abundance, yellow-orange hints of luxury in your space.

yellowYellow, the most visible color in nature, can be bold and vivid or subtle and demure. It speeds the metabolism and enhances concentration. Pure yellow represents creativity and playfulness, while more subtle hues promote feelings of harmony and wellbeing.

yellowgreenYellow-Green is a fresh and spirited color reminiscent of springtime and renewal. Symbolic of youth and energy, yellow-green inspires the imagination and promotes.

greenGreen is everywhere in nature, satisfying our spirits and filling us with neutrality and peace. Green symbolizes life, harmony and wealth. It will create a restful environment and promote wellbeing in any home. The soothing quality of green makes it ideal for almost any room in your home.

bluegreenBlue-Green is carefree, intriguing and unique. Closely linked with the islands, vacations and luxury, blue-green invites the imagination to fun wild and fills the senses with enthusiasm and freedom.

blueBlue can be light and refreshing, or deep and complex. It symbolizes trust, strength and dignity, and evokes feelings of authority, dependability and calm. Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness. Choose blue to capture timeless beauty and elegance.

bluevioletBlue-Violet combines the strength of blue with the softness of violet. Tranquil and retiring, harmonious and wistful, blue-violet calms and relaxes. Use this color to bring a sense of comfort to any environment in your home.

violetViolet is closely associated with nobility and wisdom, as well as the sacred and spiritual. Known to increase contemplation and awareness, violet can be used to promote self-reflection, and it will fill any space with subtle luxury.

redvioletRed-Violet, mysteriously rich, combines the intensity of red with the luxury of violet. It represents festivity, activity and magic, and is one of liveliness and unpredictability.

Discover Your Own Color Mood

Still not sure how to get started? Take a look at photos in our room gallery and find inspiration there for color palettes and how they can communicate a mood and tone within a room. Then start transforming your space today!

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