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Container Gardening Essentials

Container Gardening Essentials

How does your container garden grow?

You don’t need a lot of experience or a plot of land to make your own little garden. Just a few containers will get you started with growing no matter how much, or little, space you might have. Whether flowers, veggies or herbs are in your sights, these handy tips will help your container garden flourish.

Container Selection Is Key

Get started on the right foot with the right garden planter for your plants. Your local garden store can provide insight here as well. Plastic containers are not meant for the long haul, while terracotta pots often require more watering. Take a look around your home to see if there are any containers that could be transformed into your new container garden, like an old wheelbarrow or bucket. Be sure to thoroughly scrub all your pots and rinse well before planting.

Get Organized

Do a little research and make sure you combine plants according to their needs. Some plants need full sun; others prefer shade and extra water. Making sure that your plants will thrive together ahead of time will save you headaches later on. Also think from the outside in, planting taller ones in the middles and placing shorter and trailing plants along the outside edges.

Think Ground Up

A container garden only has one way to get nutrients, from you! Start with a packaged potting mix for perfectly mixed soil that is ready for planting. Also, look into natural fertilizers that can help build organic content and keep soil from losing its nutrients. Ask your local nursery for advice on the right kind of fertilizer and potting mixes for your chosen plants.

Water Plenty

Container plants often need watered more often than a regular garden, especially in dry climates or in high temperatures. Get in the habit of watering every day and water enough so that it drains out of the drainage holes at the bottom of your pot. Heading out on vacation? Be sure to have someone water your plants while you’re gone!

Stay on the Move

As the weather changes, you might find that rotating your containers to different areas of your patio help to capture changing light and give equal time to every side of your blossoming creations.

The Joys of Container Gardening

Share with tips and ideas you’ve used to make your container garden flourish.

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