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Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

Fall Is the Perfect Time to Plant Spring Flowers

What to Buy

Look for high quality bulbs that are bigger and firm.  Bigger bulbs generally bloom more than the smaller bulbs in the same variety. If hungry deer plague you, you’ll want to plant daffodils, grape hyacinth, allium, fritillaria, winter aconite or snowdrop, as they are less desirable to deer. If you love tulips, you’ll need to treat them with a repellent.

When to Plant Bulbs

Spring bulbs need a period of cold dormancy to bloom. Depending on your climate, you can plant bulbs anytime September through November. The ground should be cool. Evening temperatures should be between 40 to 50 degrees and you should plant before the first frost.

Where to Plant

Bulbs like sun and soil that drains well. In the spring the leaves won’t be on the trees yet, so you may have more sunny options for planting.

How to Plant

Loosen the soil and add a little compost or organic matter to the soil before planting. Plant bulbs with the pointy end up. Plant small bulbs 5” deep and larger bulbs 8” deep. Bulbs planted in clusters will give you the biggest burst of color in the spring.

Decorate Your Garden

Once you’re done planting, add a little of nature’s fall bounty to your garden. Decorate your garden gate with a vase made out of a swan gourd filled with fresh flowers. Planters filled with leather leaf sedge, golden mums and purple millet, create contrast and a stunning fall show. Put up a birdhouse so it can serve as a roosting site or shelter for migrating birds this fall and into winter.

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