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Fall Poinsettia Care

Fall Poinsettia Care

Poinsettia Care for the Holiday Season

Poinsettias can be coaxed to bloom again each year in time for Christmas. Put the plant in total darkness for at least 12 – 14 hours each night until color shows in the bracts (early December). The temperature in the room should be between 60 and 70 degrees. If the night temperatures are higher, your poinsettia may stop flowering.  Fertilize every two weeks and water when the soil feels dry. Always water enough to soak the soil to the bottom of the pot and discard the excess water. By late November to early December, the bracts will be colorful and you should see flower buds. Stop fertilizing in mid December.

Hope you enjoy your poinsettia this Christmas! They’re perfect for adding color and cheer to Christmas decor.

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