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Family-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

Fun Decorations for Your Halloween House

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Trick-or-treaters of all ages appreciate a spooky good shindig. When you’re aiming for a party that the whole family can enjoy there are a few things to keep in mind so that everyone enjoys themselves and has a boo-tastic time.

Think of a Party Theme 

Choose Halloween decor that is fun and spooky without being outright frightening. Will your party theme be a zombie apocalypse, a mad scientist’s wacky laboratory or an annual meeting of witches and wizards? Whatever you choose, keep it fun and not too scary.

Make Halloween Invitations

Let your invitations have an unexpected flair. Hang door tags on the doorknobs of your guests home, or “Boo” your guests by filling a small pumpkin with treats and the official invite, then leave it on their front door step, ring the doorbell and run!

Party Food

If there was ever an event where you can get creative with the menu, Halloween is it. The creepier, the better! From mummy dogs to eyeball punch to spiderweb cookies, there are endless possibilities to add a creepy element to all your finger food.

Bewitch and Bedeck

Look around your main party space and consider how you can decorate every part of it. From breaking out table linens for a creepy crawly boo-fet table, to hanging spider webs and spooky lanterns from light fixtures and archways, to eerie lighting and special effects. Be sure to have a few items that pop out unexpectedly to give a little lighthearted scare to your guests.

Game On

Opt for classics like bobbing for apples (Keep a few towels close by!) or taking turns at a hanging piñata. Try a new twist by hanging doughnuts by a string from a curtain rod and then ask guests to try to bite into them while their hands are held behind their back. The results are always filled with lots of laughter and plenty of doughnut eating.

Decorate outside too!

Check out our Halloween outdoor decorating ideas to get your front porch and yard ready for all the ghoulish fun!


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