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Fire Pit Ideas and Tips


Simple Backyard Fire Pit Ideas and Tips

If the beckoning glow of a fire has you thinking about adding a fire pit to your backyard or patio, we have the plenty of fire pit ideas and tips to get you started on your quest. Just like any home décor, your personal style, taste and the layout of your space will all play a part in finding the right fire pit to fit your needs.

Start With a Vision

Before you begin shopping around for fire pits, be sure to think about how you want to use your fire pit. Would you like to entertain a large group of people around it? Or would you rather keep it more intimate and in a smaller space? Do you want to be able to cook on it? What kind of style will complement your home? Something that is contemporary or rustic? And what level of maintenance are you comfortable with? Are you prepared to regularly clean out ashes and stock up on wood, or prefer something with less upkeep?

Types of Fire Pits

There are many types of fire pits to choose from, but these are the main categories to consider.

Fire Bowls–These large metallic bowls are a popular option. They are relatively easy to move around and can often be used for campfire cooking. Most of these use wood for burning.

Fire Pit Tables–When you want your fire to sit higher off the ground and serve double duty with a tabletop, then the fire pit table is a good option. They usually require a little more space and can be a great place for small groups when entertaining.

In-Ground Fire Pits–When you have enough space in your yard, this can be a great option that can accommodate a large group of people who can enjoy the fire. Most of them are wood burning. Be sure to consider the fire pit’s exposure to wind and its position near the rest of your outdoor entertaining space. You don’t want smoke and embers putting a damper on the rest of your entertaining.

Wood or Gas?

No matter what style of fire pit you are considering, you will likely find options that include gas or wood burning. Be sure to consider if you have proper ventilation to burn wood and the right kind of surface that can safely handle the heat. And finally, make sure your choice is in line with your comfort level to care and maintain it.

Outdoor Fire Pit Regulations

Check with your city, county and homeowner’s association for any regulations regarding fire pits. You don’t want to get halfway through installation, only to discover you won’t be able to enjoy it after all.

Is a Fire Pit Safe?

Placing a fire pit on a wood deck requires extra safety precautions. A gas-fueled fire pit designed for use on a deck is the safest option. For a backyard fire pit that is not on a deck, once you have determined a safe location, be sure to place it on a fire-resistant surface, such as gravel or stone.

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