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Gift Ideas for Her

Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas is the season of giving and finding the right gifts for her can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! Our gift mavens have hand-picked the best presents for your mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, nieces, and best friends. We have broken down our gift suggestions into categories to simplify matters. We have gifts that will pamper, comfort, or warm the heart. No matter what the present, she is sure to thank you with a smile and, perhaps, a tear in the eye!

Treasures From the Heart

Collectibles are keepsakes that will be kept for years, even passed down to the next generation, so they are usually meaningful to the recipient. The Willow Tree Generations Figurine and the Happiness Figurine will be cherished for years to come and she will be reminded of who gave the collectibles to her each time her gaze falls upon them.

Cable Cardigan

Wrap Her Up in Fashion

Many gift givers will shy away from buying clothes as Christmas gifts, but there are several pieces of clothing of which you shouldn’t be wary. The classic cardigan is a foolproof gift that will keep her warm and comfortable, and, if you get one sweater in her favorite color, she will be delighted. Legwarmers are another thoughtful, yet colorful way to keep her warm and fashionable. A fleece cape set is very stylish and will envelop her in luxurious warmth.

Women's House Slippers

Thoughtful and Practical

A pair of plush bootie slippers and a throw may seem like a simple gift, but a good pair of warm slippers in the winter can be worth their weight in gold. We have found that no matter what age, every woman appreciates staying warm! You can also match the color or pattern to her personality, adding a personal touch that lets her know that you chose a gift set just for her.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

A Statement in Elegance

Earrings are the traditional go-to present when purchasing jewelry, but they are not the only options. Rings and bracelets can also be unique gifts, if chosen carefully and thoughtfully, but a pendant may be a bit more original. A pendant watch or an exquisite filigree pendant are gifts that she can wear any time, with or without a special occasion to dress for.

Spa Gift Set

Soothing the Spirit

Spa gifts allow the recipient to pamper herself with a variety of special products devoted to making her look, feel, and smell incredible. The Lilly & Jasmine Gift Set has been especially selected, because it contains everything she could want to enjoy an at-home spa treatment with a glass of wine and her favorite music playing in the background without the distractions of everyday life. A gift set is much more intimate than a certificate to a spa. With a gift set, she can indulge anytime without the need to make an appointment or navigate traffic.

Personalized Throw Blannket

A Personal Touch

Personalized gifts lets her know you wanted to get her a truly unique gift made just for her. A personalized crock can be the ideal functional accent for her home that can be used as a decorative planter or container for kindling next to the fireplace. A personalized “Home is Where the Heart Is” throw blanket can grace a favored sofa with its depiction of cardinals frolicking on a winter’s night. Personalize it with her favorite quote or a well-chosen statement you know she’ll love.


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