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Home Decorating Tips: Bedroom Wall Art

Home Decorating Tips: Bedroom Wall Art

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom walls present the right place to add a personal decorative touch. Bring together an eclectic collection of items that represents you and your personality in a unique “wallscape”.

Bedroom Wall Art Tips:

  • Update your bedroom in an instant by dressing your walls with the things you love. Create a mini wallscape with an inspirational sign, unique clock and a colorful wreath.
  • Will it pay tribute to family with a collection of framed family photographs? How about a collection of vintage mirrors that has been getting dusty and now you’ve discovered this fantastic way to show them off? Or will your wall bear a collection of quirky artistic pieces that make you smile whenever you glance their way?
  • No matter what approach you take, be sure to lay all your items out on a flat surface first, so that you can play with placement ahead of time. That way you won’t find yourself having to re-hang pieces in an effort to find the right balance and look that you’re going after. And don’t worry if you don’t have a vision just yet.
  • Start with a few pieces; say a wall plaque with an inspirational quote, an oversized clock or a weathered shutter. Then keep your eye out for pieces that speak to you and seem like the right fit. Think of it as a way of showing off your artistic inclinations without ever having to pick up a paintbrush yourself.
  • The best thing about wallscapes is that they can change just as quickly as your mood changes. So, whether you are updating based on the changing seasons, or making the latest additions to a wall of family photos, or just wanting to create an entirely new look, you can think of a wallscape as your artistic blank canvas.

What’s on your walls?

How have you crafted a beautiful wallscape in your bedroom? Snap a photo and share your creation with us!

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  1. Also, some advise, when designing your room since it’s small the key is to keep it light bright and simple.

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