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Home Decorating Tips: Creating a Spacious Living Room

Creating a Spacious Living Room

Seven Design Tips to Create a Spacious Living Room

If you’re like most of us, your living room serves as a modern-day parlor where you welcome guests, throw parties, and host special occasions. It is entertaining-central, so it is often the place we wish seemed to be a bit bigger. The good news, is that a few living room decorating ideas can help make your living room feel spacious and inviting.

  • Go On and On With Color: Want your space to have an expansive feel? Pick one shade and let it fill walls, trim and doors so that your eye flows from one space to the next without any visual interruption.
  • Think Tall: Give your room the illusion of height by hanging curtains or drapes significantly higher than the window frame. Also try adding crown molding to the upper edges where your walls meet your ceiling. It adds an eye-catching interest that draws the eye upward. Adding decorative shelving near the ceiling draws the eye upward as well.
  • Make a Good Reflection: Mirrors often provide interior design magic, by reflecting light into a room. Use a wall mirror to your advantage in any living room space to create an open feeling. Try positioning a mirror next to a lamp or other light source to reflect the light. Or try adding one where it will reflect a window, giving the illusion of another window in the room.
  • Strike a Balance: A comfy oversized settee will find balance next to a delicate side table and a matching ottoman. Finding those opportunities where you can complement with both color and pattern will make your room feel balanced and focused, and ultimately more inviting to the eye.
  • Find Your Center: It is easy to place all your furniture up against the walls, but instead try bringing everything away from the walls to create an illusion of spaciousness.
  • Show Some Leg: Furniture with exposed legs can add “air” to the room compared to sofas that have a solid line to the floor.
  • Hide It: Clear away any clutter and find ways to store it in plain sight with furniture that pulls double duty, such as ottomans and coffee tables that feature hidden storage.

How have you made a small space feel more spacious?

Everyone finds unique ways of solving the same interior design challenge. Share with us how you made your living room feel bigger.

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