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Home Decorating Tips: Storage

Home Decorating Tips: Storage

Five Home Storage Solutions You Can’t Do Without

It’s time to banish the clutter! A good dose of spring cleaning should provide ample motivation to get rid of your home’s clutter and find a place for everything with smart storage ideas. Take stock in the clutter magnet areas of your home and pinpoint storage solutions that will help solve the problems and tidy up each area. Is it that landing pad near the front entryway? The paperwork-centered home office? Or the catch-all kitchen table? Take aim and let the storage begin.

Home Decorating Tips:

  • Who doesn’t need more storage options throughout the house? This cubby shelf is great for storing everything from bowls and linens in the kitchen to toys in the playroom or even gloves, hats and shoes in the mudroom.
  • Decorating small spaces is easy with a little creativity. Collections of books and trinkets can stay organized on books shelves, while baskets and containers help reduce clutter. Adding an ottoman with storage is a great place to stow away toys and throws, and will make your small spaces feel stylish and neat.
  • Storage options don’t end with kitchen cabinets. A vintage pantry or small sideboard in your eating area can showcase serving dishes, while adding an element of charm.
  • Change up how you think about coffee tables. Try the look of a barrel coffee table with the added benefit of storage space under the top.
  • We all spend our fair share of time in the laundry room. Make it more fun and organized by pairing bright, space‐saving storage shelves with whimsical wall art. All of a sudden, laundry isn’t so bad of a chore after all!

How do you keep the clutter at bay?

Using the comment section below, share with us your smart storage solutions.

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