Stylish Window Treatment Ideas

A new set of window treatments can breathe new life into any room and provide a fresh perspective without having to break the bank on a complete room makeover.

Window Treatment Tips:

  • Before diving into style choices, first consider function. Do you need to block out the light or are you okay with light filtering in? Do you have a lot of windows in one room that all need to coordinate? Or just one big window that serves as a focal point. Always think function first.
  • After you’ve tackled that – pinpoint the mood – is it casual, chic, trendy, formal, whimsical, crisp? The possibilities here are endless, but if you can narrow in on a few choice adjectives to describe the mood you are going for, then you’re on path to the right look.
  • Honing in on color and texture from there should be a breeze. As a rule of thumb, opt for solid color window treatments if you have patterned furniture or bedding. Conversely, a patterned window treatment adds texture and interest against solid-color furniture.
  • Tiebacks offer another way to add style and pull your curtains away from the window. Be sure to match the style of your curtain rod with your tiebacks for a coordinated look. Try hanging your curtains higher than your window frame to create the illusion of taller ceilings and a bigger space.
  • Window treatments can do for your decor what shoes do for your wardrobe – provide the perfect accessory to your overall look. Try a fresh new set of curtains or a decorative tieback to switch things up.
  • Consider changing your curtains as often as you change your bed coverings, perhaps with the changing seasons. It can be a lovely way to bring a fresh look to any room, and an ideal way to try out patterns or colors without committing to too much.

Did this window treatment decor tip work for you?

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