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Home Interior Design Ideas That Marry Color with Personality

Home Interior Design Ideas

Use Color to Bring Out Your Personality in Your Home Décor

You already know what colors you gravitate toward. Just look at your wardrobe, the color of your car, and the general hue of your dinnerware. A quick inventory will squarely put you in either the warm or cool side of the color wheel. So, if you take a look around at your home decor and it doesn’t quite match your personality, it may be time to rethink your rooms and create a more holistic atmosphere.

See How You Got Here

How could it be that your rooms don’t reflect your persona? Sometimes this happens when you are the recipient of furniture and décor that is handed down from family or friends. Or when you spotted a great find, but didn’t really have a place to put it. Or maybe you’re combining two households into one. First start by taking inventory and understanding what you want to keep and what you wouldn’t miss.

Look Within

Just like there are certain outfits in your wardrobe that make you feel confident and positive, there are colors that make you feel good when you are surrounded by them. What colors are your perfect fit? Does a living room filled with cool blues make you feel serene and peaceful or sad and boring? Does bright pink or bold red bedroom feel exciting and fun, or overwhelming and obnoxious? There is only one right answer for each person, so listen to your initial gut reaction about every color you look at.

Create a Color Scrapbook

If you can’t quite nail down a few key colors that feel right for you, then try creating a color scrapbook. Peruse home decorating magazines or Pinterest boards and create your own scrapbook (digital or physical). Pretty soon, you will start to see a trend toward the colors and hues that express your personality.

Shift Perspective

Life happens. And the practicalities of where we are at any given time drive our decisions, including how we decorate our home. So, if you’re super busy with a career, or raising kids or graduating from school – all these factors come into play. Rarely do we sit down and just think about making our space more Zen. So go ahead, take a minute to just be in the moment within your own home. Try to imagine what kind of color elements you could change to make it feel better, and in turn, make you feel better. After all, a happy, welcoming home is what we all aim for.

Color Guide for Choosing Colors Based on Personality


White is for rational people who rely on their analytical powers and objectivity to solve problems. It also helps you free your mind to pursue new options.

redRed is fiery, energetic and bold with an unparalleled sense of urgency. If you’re self-confident and like to take risks, this is the hot hue for you.

orangeOrange is an intense color that appeals to your serious side. If you like orange, you are a methodical decision maker who takes price in achieving your goals.

brownBrown appeals to your earthy, sensual side and helps you feel comfortable and secure. It also encourages authenticity and living in the moment.

brownYellow is hopeful, sunny and bright. If you like yellow, you have a spontaneous and cheery nature that others find inspiring.

greenGreen is natural, healing and refreshing. If you’re drawn to this color, you like to solve problems with a fresh perspective and a dose of quick-witted humor.

pinkPink is playful, innocent, flirty and fun. Romantics love pale pink hues, while dynamic personalities go or shock value with hotter hues.

blackBlack is like a caution flag. You’re more likely to proceed with caution when faced with sudden changes and exercise restraint when making decisions, if you love black.

purplePurple is the color of a person with keen intuition to guide you through life’s challenges. Others may find you mysterious—and maybe even psychic!

blueBlue lovers are steady, stable and compassionate with an unflinching devotion to those you love.


What’s Your Color Personality?

Show us how your color personality has translated to your home decorating style. Snap a photo and share it with us.

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