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How to Beautifully Organize Your Kitchen Countertops

How to Beautifully Organize Your Kitchen Countertops

6 Pretty Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Countertop Organized

We’ve all been there, when the clutter of everyday seems to overtake our kitchen countertops. Fear not, you can master your space stylishly with these tips designed to inspire and bring order to your chaos. Think of this as counter culture at its best!

Expand Your Storage

When there’s not enough storage space, things make their way onto the countertop and just stick around, so consider adding a kitchen sideboard or buffet to store all the extras that don’t have a home in your cabinets. Sideboards can provide a way to show off pretty serving pieces and linens, while giving them a place to call their own.

Corral the Corner

Every kitchen has a few essentials that just need to live on the countertop. What’s on yours? Is it salt and pepper, a sugar bowl, a bowl for fresh fruit? Whatever makes your list of essentials; find a corner on your countertops where you can give them a home. Give then their own home base by placing them on a wooden cutting board or in a basket.

Sort It Out

It doesn’t take long for the daily mail to turn into unmanageable piles on your counters. Take a proactive approach with the help of a wall organizer that allows you to keep all those pieces of mail in an organized fashion.

Hang Around

Your kitchen’s footprint isn’t likely to have a whole lot of options for expansion, so look to walls and your ceiling to find extra storage possibilities. A pot rack can put pots and pans up and out of the way while freeing up much needed space in your cabinets.

Shelve It

Take advantage of extra wall space and hang kitchen wall shelves with wire cubbies and hooks. You’ll have a place to put all those miscellaneous items and hang jackets, aprons or kitchen utensils with handles.

Plant One On It

Even though your intent is to de-clutter and clean your counter space, the addition of a plant adds a lovely element to your countertops. Pick a favorite herb plant and it’ll serve double duty by providing a fresh ingredient to your cooking.

Tell us About Your Kitchen Organization Tips!

Share with us how you keep your countertops organized. Snap a photo and show us what worked best in the comment section below.

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