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How To: Container Gardening

How To: Container Gardening

Container Gardening Ideas for Everyone

Container gardening is not only beautiful, but it saves space either indoors or outdoors. Indoor container gardens increase healthy oxygen in rooms. Outdoor container gardens are visual attractions that never fail to grab attention. The “How To” of container gardening is one of the fastest and easiest gardening forms to learn.

Go Indoors

Novice gardeners should decide on the type of container garden they want. For some very creative individuals, they may wish two: one for indoors and one for outdoors. Indoor container gardening is a lush floral display that can include a variety of flower species that will appreciate the protection of a controlled indoor environment.

Get Outside

Outdoor container gardens are popular thanks to the many artful styles and options that are available. From whimsical and bold to botanical beauties and eye-catching textures, containers offer a wealth of possibilities before you even plant a single bloom. Once the choice is made between an indoor or outdoor container garden, or both, the next step is to choose the best locations for your garden. Be sure to measure the specific area the containers will occupy, so you’ll fill it up with the right number of containers.

Choose Wisely

It’s important to keep size, shape and depth in mind when choosing containers relative to the needs of each plant species you are selecting to plant. For plants with exceptionally long roots that love to spread out in soil, six to eight inch depth and twelve to eighteen inch high, conical shaped containers are best. Short, squatty containers are more suited to flowers with short roots. Check the instructions for each flower species to be sure to select the best container. If you need a little design inspiration, visit your local garden center. Use their pre‐planted containers for ideas and visualize how the plants will grow together.

Imagine the Possibilities

Choose flowers like geraniums, ivy, marigolds, petunias, sweet potato vine, vinca, gerbera daises for outdoor container gardens. Bulb plants like tulips, cannas and gladiola are also ideal.

Indoors, phalaenopsis orchids, parlor palm, southern maidenhair fern and emerald ripple peperomia in a planter create a dramatic look. There are several varieties of orchids that make wonderful container garden displays and can become an ambitious hobby. The Giant Starfish Flower is an unusual potted plant that always gets attention. For a moon garden, choose Moonflower and primroses that bloom at night. These can be planted in containers for indoor or outdoor container gardens.

Dig In

Pick a container that has drainage holes. If you have a decorative planter that doesn’t have drainage holes, plant your flowers first in an inexpensive pot that has drainage, and sit it on top of a little gravel in your decorative planter. Fill planters with one to two inches of sandy or vermiculite base before adding rich potting soil just under two inches from the rim of the container.

Give TLC

Indoor and outdoor temperatures, and light affect flower growth. Be sure to follow watering instructions for each flower species selected. Aerate the container soil at least once a month with a small hand rake.

How does your container garden grow?

Now is the time to start planting, so check out the newest spring decoration arrivals. They are ideal for your garden, patio and other outdoor spaces.

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