Who says that walls can’t talk? They have plenty to say when it comes to adding personality and decorative appeal to your rooms. Yet, we can easily forget about using walls to our best advantage when our focus is on room layout and furniture. Start with the many possibilities of framed artwork (our suggestion: Go big!). Then expand your options with cleverly placed mirrors, pretty little shelves that tell a story, or a collage of hand-painted tiles. Let these decorating ideas inspire your next wall makeover!

Mirror Tricks

Create the illusion of height and make your room feel bigger by using some cleverly placed mirrors. Hanging them across from a wall with more mirrors or windows will instantly open up the space. For a dramatic effect, coordinate the mirror frames and shapes to reflect the room’s style.

Creating Shelf Vignettes

Create a scene that tells a story by turning an empty shelf into an interesting vignette. Pick a common theme, then mix and match colors, shapes and textures. For instance, fill a white jug with miniature American flags, prop a rag doll on one side and set blue candles on the other. Remember, objects from different eras make your displays that much more compelling.

Displaying Photos

Make an impact by displaying family photos, like-themed paintings or mirrors in a group to reflect light. Hang them on the wall, stand them on a tabletop, or do a bit of both — in close proximity —and you’ll add drama to your home decor.

Country Tiles

Hand-painted or decorative tiles add cheerful color to a kitchen. Plus, they stand up well when exposed to cooking steam.

Oversized Wall Decor Adds Excitement to a Room

It may surprise you to find that adding an oversized piece of art to your wall may not seem out of balance with the rest of the room. A correctly chosen statement piece of decorative wall art adds visual interest and an exciting change to your room.