Beautify Your Living Room With These Home Decorating Tips

When a whole room makeover isn’t in the cards, but you do want to change up your living room’s everyday look, then these decorating secrets should do the trick. From changing your furniture’s layout to giving your bookshelves a refresh, to adding a visually impactful accent piece, these tips are sure to help you add new life to your living room’s space.

Living Room Decorating Tips:

  • By moving furniture around, you can create different “nooks” in your living room. Try putting a comfortable chaise and small table over near the window to create a reading area.
  • Break outside the ordinary by placing your living room furniture and rugs at an angle. It will change the whole look of your room.
  • Instead of the usual coffee table, try a pedestal table. The height adds an interesting element and more versatility to your room arrangement. Plus, it’s far more inviting to pull up two chairs for tea!
  • Re-work your bookshelves so they have more visual impact. Add accents, group books by color and size, and place larger books on their sides.
  • Keep houseplants to a nice manageable number. Too many of them, and just like any decorating accent, will feel like too much.

What living room decorating secret do you want to share?

We want to be inspired by you! Share with us a tip that has made your living room décor stand out.