A rooster kitchen towel hanging from a white oven handle by a buttoned flap.

How to Make a Hanging Towel

Kitchen towels and dishcloths are a practical and decorative way to update a country style kitchen.  – Making a hanging towel is a relatively easy project—you don’t need to be an experienced seamstress—but you will need to know how to sew on a machine. Gather these items: A decorative kitchen towel 1/4 yard of coordinating […]

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Four stacked braided rugs on a wood floor, in rose, navy, gray, and washed denim.

Caring for Braided Rugs

Reverse and rotate braided rugs frequently to distribute traffic evenly on all sides. This will also minimize prolonged, direct exposure to sunlight and lessen fading. Vacuum braided rugs regularly; do not shake or beat them. Clean spills by blotting the area with a cloth or sponge. Professional cleaning, as needed, is recommended. Always check for […]

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Three stacked contemporary floral area rugs in different designs, but in same colors of red, teal, lime, brown, and ivory.

Update Your Space with the Simple Addition of Area Rugs

A bold rug can do so much; makes a colorful statement in your living room, anchor a seating area or soften a hardwood floor. Patterned rugs add punch to a room and can enhance an existing color scheme. Just like they do indoors, area rugs help to unify an outdoor space. Indoor/outdoor rugs create a […]

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A white and coral paisley quilt with a seagrass headboard, embossed gray plaques on a white wall, and coral tulips.

Interior Design Ideas: Transform Your Space with Texture

Texture is often an overlooked aspect of interior design. Textures can set the mood of a room. Soft, fine fabrics create a feminine mood, while rustic metals and woods are more masculine. Natural elements like dried botanicals, wood and wicker are more casual and comfortable. Sleek and shiny surfaces like polished wood and glass are […]

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A quilt with pastel paisley squares over a beige sheet set, vased white flowers, lanterns and coral by open windows.

How to Care and Store Your Country Quilts

Treat your handcrafted and heirloom quilts with loving care, and they’ll remain vibrant and beautiful for years to come. Here are three helpful tips: Never display your quilt in direct sunlight. When storing your quilt, do not fold it. Place clean tissue paper over the quilt and gently roll it into a bundle. This way […]

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How to Decorate with Birdcages

How to Decorate with Birdcages

Think birdcages are just for the birds? Think again: Display collectible items inside, anything from vintage frames to Victorian dolls to cherished figurines. Add seasonal foliage, weave a colorful ribbon at the top or bottom of the birdcage and finish it with a bow. Set flameless LED candles of different heights inside and slide a […]

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A rustic cathedral shaped wall mirror in ivory, with a cutout top medallion.

Tips for Decorating With Mirrors

Decorating with many mirrors actually serves a very useful purpose—to expand and brighten the feel of a room. They’re a particular favorite in Scandinavian-style decorating because they were traditionally used to brighten the long dark winters. Consider using decorative mirrors in unexpected places—the Victorians put mirrors almost everywhere, including propping a large mirror on the […]

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A 3D red and yellow glass bowl in the shape of a sunflower, placed on a black metal stand by two glass bottles.

Use Colorful Decorative Accessories to Transform Any Room

Whether you like neutral tones or bold colors, consider keeping those difficult or expensive-to-change elements to the neutrals. You can transform any room by adding a splash of color with pillows, throws and a few key accessories. If you’re craving color, decorative accessories and a new coat of paint freshen the decor of a room […]

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A tall white Victorian-look display cabinet with two glass doors and a bottom drawer, filled with floral dinnerware.

Display Cabinets Are Perfect For Showing Off Treasures

Surround yourself with all the things you love. A display cabinet is great to showcase your favorite artwork and valuables. Framed photos, crystal vases, treasured keepsakes and collectibles can easily be changed seasonally or added to throughout the year and safely out of reach.

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A scrolled weathered-look metal table lamp with a lit beige shade, next to a lavender glass vase of wildflowers.

Task Lighting Shines a Shadow-Free Light

Not only are lamps essential to a well-lit room, but they also make it easier to see while performing tasks. Task lighting is meant to illuminate your workspace and not the entire room. Table lamps give you shadow-free light for common tasks like reading, playing games, or making crafts. For comfort, place a table lamp […]

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