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Home Decor and Care Tips

Home Decorating Tips

Often times we discover some of the best home decor and care tips come from our very own Country Door customers. Take a look at these little known home decoration tips and ideas and see if you can use them to brighten your home too!

Country Door Customers Share Their Home Decor Secrets

Decorating with Folk ArtDecorating with Folk Art
Submitted by M. Burton, B. King, South Carolina

This decorator used Country Door’s whimsical folk art Checkered Cat, designed by folk artist Jim Shore, to complement the decor in this beautiful library. The mix of styles adds to the warm, cozy atmosphere, inviting you to grab a book and spend some time.





Beautiful-Geraniums Beautiful Geraniums Beautiful Geraniums
Submitted by Helene L., Iowa City, IA

Try watering your geraniums with some leftover coffee. My mother passed this hint along to me and I’ve found that it makes a very noticeable difference within a few days. About a half cup of coffee at the base of the plant produced larger, glossier, greener leaves and sturdier stalks within a week, and blooms within ten days. I’ve been giving my plants a dose of coffee about once a week and I’m very happy with the results.




New Life for an Old BirdbathNew Life for an Old Birdbath
Submitted by Vivian R., Norway, SC

I have a concrete birdbath/fountain that no longer holds water. It is still pretty, so I put potting soil in the basin and planted succulents in it for use in the sun.






FFeather Dusting Paintingeather Dusting Painting
Submitted by Sue V., Schema, IL

It you want the look of wallpaper, but don’t want the hassle, try feather duster painting. It is so easy and fast, and the effect is awesome. Put your paint in your paint pan. Make sure you have a lot of paper towels or old bath towels. Barely dip the tips of the feather duster into the paint, then swipe it over the paper towels until nearly all the paint is off. Very lightly touch the wall in a random fashion and see what happens. If you like dark colors, you can use them, but then use a lighter color to feather dust paint over it and you can still see the dark color underneath, but it is very soft.



What is Your Secret Home Decorating Tip?
Almost everyone has that little tip or trick that has been passed down from other family members, or maybe one you discovered all on your own. Whatever it is, we would love to hear it! Share with us your home decor tip.


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