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Patriotic Glass Door Painting DIY [Lookbook]

painting red, white and blue stars on glass door
Blurred photo of a woman painting blue and red stars on glass.

Supplies Needed to Paint on Glass

Supplies needed to paint your glass storm door are inexpensive and easy to find. Use acrylic craft paint, foam brushes, regular paint brushes, sponges, painter’s tape, sharpie marker and stencils (optional). To clean, spray the door with rubbing alcohol and use a paint scraper or credit card to scrape off the paint. These supplies are for temporary glass paint. If you are decorating something permanently, use glass paint and sealer.

Prep the Door for Paint

Before getting started, make sure your door is ready for paint. Tape around the window. Clean the glass thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or your favorite window cleaner. Let dry completely. You may also want to use a drop cloth under the door just in case paint drips or spills.

Make Sponge Stamps

Sponge stamps will make it easier and faster to paint. When planning your door design, use a shape you can repeat and make it a stamp. Here, we’re creating stars for 4th of July. Other seasonal ideas might be flowers, Christmas lights or leaves.

Start Your Paint Palette

By palette, we mean anything from a recycled plastic tub to a paper plate. Here’s a tip, keep a spray bottle of water to keep paints wet while working. Especially on a hot, dry day!

Stamp Your Design in White

The most important thing to remember when painting on glass, you must start with white. Otherwise, the paint will not stand out. Think of it like priming a canvas. So create your design first using all white paint.

Add Color!

Once you’ve stamped out a design, it’s time to add color. If you add color while the white layer is still wet, your top layer will blend. If you prefer a solid color, wait for the white to dry completely.

Add Drop Shadows

Remember, this kind of painting is not about details, it’s about effects. So a simple drop shadow will make a difference. Just take a shade darker and go over the edges on the bottom, side or top. But be consistent where you put the shadow.

Freehand Painting is Easy!

Believe it or not, it’s easy to add some freehand painting even if you aren’t an accomplished artist. Search for simple shapes and objects. Be loose with your brush strokes and exaggerate the size. Bigger is best.

Reverse Paint

If you want to play around with freehand painting, don’t add the white layer first. Go ahead and use your colors to create your design. Then, paint white on the opposite side of the glass along your lines. This technique really shows what a difference the white base makes.

A Red, White & Blue Glass Door!

The next time you decorate, don’t ignore the glass storm door or windows. Just a few minutes and you’ll have a canvas that “reflects” the season!
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Published on Jun 14 2019

Last Updated on Jul 29 2021

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