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A brick porch with double white paned glass doors, with several potted colorful flowers, and a nearby tree.

A Front Door for All Seasons

Everyone has a front door. And you know what they say: if you have it, flaunt it. Decorating your front porch and door for all seasons increases curb appeal and makes coming home beautiful.

A porch with Autumn leaves garland and wreath, wooden Pilgrims, galvanized cans of gourds and dried florals


Crisp air, apple pies and hot cider mean Fall is just around the corner and nature’s color palette transitions from bright summer greens, pinks and yellows to warm autumn oranges and maroons. Create a stunning fall front door using autumn décor and a touch of Mother Nature.

Decorate A Front Porch Bench or Chair

You wouldn’t have a living room without furniture, don’t have a front porch without a chair or swing. Adding big pieces keeps front door decorating in scale with the rest of your house. Small fall décor like signs and wood cutouts get lost by themselves. Create a setting for them.

Use a few patio furniture pieces year round or scour flea markets and garage sales for just the right rustic farmhouse bench. Do you have an old dresser or beat-up kitchen chairs? Get a little more use out of them on the front porch! Paint, stains and stencils come in handy to update and customize these finds. Upcycle them to suit your style.

And finally, don’t forget to add a fall outdoor accent pillow or doormat. They’re easy to rotate seasonally.

Check out these fall ideas for front porch style.

Read these fall decorating tips for even more ideas.

Update Decorative Outdoor Signs

Leave the same Welcome sign up all year round and decorate it for the seasons. In fall, drape an autumn leaf garland. Secure with a staple gun or even hot glue.

Adding a Fall sign or door hanger is a warm, personal touch. Words make decorating more interesting. If the budget is tight, print out a favorite quote or saying and frame it. You might even write your own Fall greeting for guests.

Here’s some more front door fall décor ideas.

Pumpkins, Gourds and Cornstalks Décor

It’s harvest season! Harvest a few decorations. The backyard, garden and farmer’s markets offer colorful touches like pumpkins, gourds, leaves, branches, bittersweet and grasses. You might even be able to hunt down cornstalks from a local farmer. Create a fall wreath with dried grasses. Fill fall flower pots and buckets and show off your bountiful harvest.

Fall Colors for the Front Porch

Though autumnal hues are warm, it doesn’t mean they aren’t vibrant. Splash bright pumpkin oranges, eggplant purples and deep reds into the mix using garland, topiaries and a seasonal doormat. Be inspired by these fall door mats!

A front door hung with garland and Holiday plaque, three trees in urns, red bells, and a red metal snowman.


Christmas and New Year’s Eve are winter scene stealers–what happens when January rolls around? Winter is a season beyond the holidays. Adapt and transition holiday décor beyond the merry & bright season.

Snowman Decorating

Frosty the snowman doesn’t melt away with Christmas. Snowmen are a great winter-long decorating theme. If you use them for the holidays, keep them up through January. Bright white snowmen are striking around a front door. As always, remember scale. Bigger is better. Exaggerate the size and scope of your decorating when moving outdoors. It’s better to have just one or two large statement pieces than a few small items. Build a large snowman out of boxes. Or use an old table and stage a snowman scene with smaller items. Elevating them off the ground makes them noticeable.

Learn the Hygge 3 Cs: Cozy, Comfortable, Content

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah) is a term defining the Danish culture and style. It’s also a popular decorating trend. Front door decorating can be cozy and comfortable? Absolutely. First, remove the clutter and simplify. Next, place a chair and table by your door. Add a pile of birch logs, a basket of blankets and a couple of lanterns. You’ll have everyone stopping by for hot cocoa!

And now is the perfect time to sort and organize your door wreaths for each month.

Adapt Christmas Decorations for Winter Decorating

Stop! Before you fly through the house packing away Christmas, edit for winter. Take out the Christmas reds, tinsels, signs and Santas. Leave evergreens, pinecones and neutrals. Cut a few branches off the Christmas tree before kicking it to the curb. Make arrangements for front door pots, planters and topiaries. Adapting decorations extends the life and value of what you’ve already bought.  It’s also fun to create door decorations for some of the smaller “holidays” like Mardi Gras. Every season offers many reasons to celebrate and decorate.

Try these winter wreath ideas.

Garden decor with a pansies filled vintage wheelbarrow, doors open to birdcage shelves with potted plants, a sisal rabbit.


Shouldn’t your front door look as fresh as spring? Pastels, greens and new life are key to creating a spring-inspired front porch.

Add Green

After winter’s darker days and neutral whites, spring greens are a sight for sore eyes. Splash green everywhere. Plant grass seed in flower pots and troughs. Create a mossy green wreath  and topiaries. Green is also the perfect backdrop for St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day decorating. Just switch out the holiday decor and keep the green.

Love Pastels

Once again, take your color cues from Mother Nature: daffodil yellows, crocus lavenders and whites, tulip pinks, etc. Echo these colors and blooms around your front door. It’s always more effective to cluster flowers in large bouquets and arrangements. Choose a favorite spring bloom like daffodils and use it everywhere. You could be famous for the “daffodil door”! Or maybe embrace the season’s weather and make an umbrella door hanger.

Add Rustic Crates

Spring is a good time to change up your front door props. Crates and containers will come in handy for spring and summer decorating. Add a few rustic apple crates and baskets. Stack them for height. These can be moved and rearranged regularly.

Need a little more decorating inspiration? Here is a spring arrangement for the front door.

A Farmhouse porch with yellow cedar shakes, a green adirondack chair, two oars, and a green bench with potted delphiniums.


Freedom! If ever one word represented summer, freedom is it. Children escape school, 4th of July celebrations light up the night, birds fly free, animals bask in the sunlight and days seem longer. Now is the time to break free from the ordinary and let your front porch decorating soar.

Bright Colors

Turn up the color. Brighter sunlight will dance and play off bold colors so use them. Choose a main color and 2 coordinating colors. Don’t know where to start? Top down is always best. Start with a garland, coordinate a wreath and layer door mats. Then fill in on either side of the door with flower pots, furniture and props. Use flowers in pots to make the colors pop.

Americana Decorating All Summer Long

Red, white and blue is the classic American color combination. It isn’t just for 4th of July. Choose an American theme that will last all summer long. You can even adapt the colors for a nautical look. Just add a few sailing-theme decorative items and remove the patriotic touches. It’s always good to consult the American Legion website for flag display guidelines.

Summer Theme Decorating

Summer means play. Be playful in your front door decorating. Choose a theme like beach, board games, lemons or watermelons. Shop garage sales or your own garage for pieces to use. Have fun!

Check out these summer wreath ideas.

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