Home Decorating Tips: Window Treatments

Home Decorating Tips: Window Treatments

Stylish Window Treatment Ideas A new set of window treatments can breathe new life into any room and provide a fresh perspective without having to break the bank on a complete room makeover. Window Treatment Tips: Before diving into style choices, first consider function. Do you need to block out the light or are you okay […]

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How to Measure a Window for Curtains

Your Guide for Curtains and Window Treatments Have you looked at curtains or drapes and thought “How hard could it be to measure for my own drapes. Just measure from the rod to the floor. Right?” Measuring for your own curtains or drapes is not hard, but it isn’t quite that easy either. It can […]

Instant Room Makeover

Instant Room Makeover

Room Decorating Ideas It’s often the little things in life that make the biggest differences and the same holds true when it comes to home decorating. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut because you think that it takes a lot of time, money and big changes to make an impact in a room […]

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5 Decorating Ideas to Give Style to Your Windows

Ideas to Dress Up Your Windows Maybe it’s time to for some inspiration.  Drapes and curtains are an important part of interior decoration. They set the mood for a room as well as provide protection from the sun. Curtains enhance any room. Giving your windows a fresh look is easier than ever thanks to the […]


Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Cook Up Kitchen Decorating Magic We often think a kitchen makeover requires big budgets and lots of time. But, you can actually make big changes with just a few simple, affordable additions in a snap. Consider how a pop of fresh color and a new approach to kitchen storage could add new life to this […]

Window Treatment Ideas to Make a Room Look Bigger

Window light can make a room appear larger. Here are two window treatment ideas to use natural lighting and to enlarge a smaller room. Make a small window look bigger by surrounding it with gathered tiebacks or flowing curtains that hang outside the frame. Raise the apparent height of a ceiling by mounting your curtain rod […]