Are You Ready for Some Football...

and Front Door Decorating?

Are you ready for some football front door decorating? Want to learn how to make a PVC pipe goal post?

It’s football season-show the world your team spirit!

Decorating a front door isn’t just about holidays and seasons.

It’s also a great way to show a little about what you love. Like football.

Here are some easy DIY projects and a couple decorating tips!

How to Make a
Football Field Door Mat


  1. Astro Turf or Artificial Grass (note: it’s a better deal to buy a roll and cut the size mat you want. Use the extra turf to make a mat for another football lover!)
  2. White Duck Tape
  3. Gorilla Glue


  1. Cut the mat to size.
  2. Use white duct tape to make football field stripes. Be sure to leave enough room to fold tape under the mat to secure it. You might want to use a little gorilla glue to make sure it sticks.
  3. The duck tape will get worn. If you want a mat that lasts year after year, use white spray paint instead of tape. Mask off the areas you want to remain green before spraying.

How to Make A PVC Goal Post


  1. Three 3″ PVC Pipes: 36″ Long Each
  2. Two 3″ PVC Pipes: 18″ Long Each
  3. Two PVC Elbow Joints
  4. One PVC T-Joint
  5. Two PVC Caps
  6. White Duck Tape
  7. Orange Drink Cooler
  8. Sand


  1. Lay out all the pieces. Use the elbow joints for each side and the T-joint to connect the goal to the post. 
  2. Place caps on top of each post. 
  3. Use white duct tape to secure the joints. (Note: if you want to keep the post and make it more permanent, use white silicone caulk instead of duck tape).
  4. Place inside orange drink cooler and fill with sand.

How to Make A Football Wreath


  1. One Plain Vine Wreath
  2. Football with Laces
  3. Team Pendants (or make your own with felt)
  4. Fishing Line
  5. Hot Glue/Tacky Glue
  6. Cleats


  1. Use fishing line to thread through football laces and tie to a plain grapevine wreath. 
  2. Add a couple team pendants. If you can’t find pendants, make your own using felt and hot glue.
  3. Tie on a pair of cleats for a final touch. (Note: if cleats are metal, wrap some duct tape around the backs so they don’t damage your door.)

General Tips

  • Get creative scavenging for props. Ask a local player or school to borrow jerseys and equipment. Or keep your eye out at thrift stores and garage sales.


  • Chalkboards are great props to have around for front door decorating. They’re easy to customize as your change out decor.   Here I’m drawing out the famous Vince Lombardi Power Sweep play. 


  • Command hooks are great for hanging lights. You don’t have to deal with nail holes and you can place them on almost any surface. Be sure to read the weight capacity for hooks before using.


  • It’s fun to show your school colors by wrapping a porch post. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just pick up cheap plastic table coverings in your school colors. Plastic is also weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about rain or even snow.


When it comes to front door decorating, think outside the holidays. Show some team spirit and score a winning design!

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