Are you a good sport?

Take a time out to

decorate your front door.

It’s all sports–no wreaths in sight!

Lets create hangers inspired by popular sports. This is a project perfect for incorporating old discarded equipment hanging out in your garage or basement.

It’s budget-friendly and unique–now THAT’s a win!



You will need a bat, glove, baseball and sign.

1. Attach the ball and glove. Thread a needle with strong embroidery thread or string. Sew under the baseball stitches. Tie in back of the glove.

2. Slide the glove onto the bat.

3. Use zip ties to secure a sign below the glove.

4. Loop a zip tie in the back of the glove to create a hanger.


Do you love to golf? Are you a golf fan? Used equipment is easy to find at thrift stores and garage sales. This is a great way to kick off golf season or celebrate summer.

You will need a small golf bag, clubs, hat, golf ball and sign.

  1. Stuff the golf bag with leftover bubblewrap or old newspapers. Place clubs inside (save 1 club for outside).

  2. Attach a golf ball to one club using 2 white zip ties. Circle first zip tie securely around the ball. Loop the second tie under the zip tie on the ball and fasten around the iron.

  3. Search for a blank golf scorecard online. Increase the size to fill an 81/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Print. Fill in (now’s the tame to “fix” your average). Decoupage on a piece of cardboard.

  4. Assemble all the elements with zip ties and strong double sided tape.

  5. Use an adjustable wreath hanger since this door piece is a unique size.


Get your door ready for some football! You will need a homemade goalpost, pom pom, football and pendant (DIY or bought). Add a sign for extra fun.

Make an easy DIY goalpost using PVC pipe and outdoor-safe glue.

  1. Purchase PVC pipe and have it cut at your hardware store. You will need two 18″ pieces for the sides, two 6″ pieces for the bottom and one 12″ piece for the base. Also 3 caps, 2 joints and one 3-way tee joint. Assemble and secure with strong glue.

  2. Partially deflate a football so it lays flat in the back. Cut slits and run a zip tie through. Secure onto the goalpost.

  3. Purchase or make a pendant celebrating your favorite team or player. An easy DIY pendant can be made with felt, a dowel rod and hot glue.

  4. Assemble the pieces using zip ties and strong double sided tape.


Love hockey? Save a puck, stick, gloves and skates for this fun front door décor.

Use zip ties to arrange the pieces and secure together. Glue a puck to the end of the hockey stick. 

Be sure to use older equipment. These pieces will take some wear and tear hanging outside on a door. Have fun. Be creative. Think outside the wreath!