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A smiling woman in a yellow raincoat under a yellow flower umbrella, next to a closed umbrella door swag holding tulips.

4 Spring Front Porch DIYs On A Budget

Are you ready for April showers and May flowers? More importantly, is your front porch ready? Believe it or not, rainy days can offer lots of decorating inspiration. So dust off your rain boots and get ready to do some spring decorating.

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garden hose made into a welcome mat
woman bending garden hose to create welcome mat
woman cutting zip ties on garden hose welcome mat

Isn’t it frustrating when a garden hose springs a leak?

They aren’t cheap and it can feel like throwing money away.

But don’t trash the hose just yet.

Here’s a clever front door mat you can make with just zip ties and hose!

Here’s a clever front door mat you can make with just zip ties and hose!


  • Garden hose (any length or style)
  • Zip ties (color of your choice but make sure they are long)


Getting the mat started is the hardest part. We recommend making your center coil around 18” to 2’ long. This will make the project go faster. Start coiling the hose around, securing with zip ties at regular intervals. Using black or colored zip ties creates a pattern on the mat. You may choose to use clear ties for a more subtle look. Keep folding the hose until you come to the end.

And there you have it – an easy garden hose mat. And of course, your mat is waterproof. Just hose it off to clean it!


Do not tighten the zip ties all the way. Allow a little room for the hose to expand when people walk on it. Attach hoses together to make a larger rug. Be on the lookout for old hoses at garage sales. You shouldn’t have to buy a new one to make this mat! This project has lots of possibilities. Try a black hose with bright yellow or pink zip ties.


woman hanging a watering can with daisies and tulle fabric
woman tying tulle fabric to a watering can
woman gluing daisies on tulle fabric
watering can with daisies lights and tulle fabric

A garden shed holds lots of decorating possibility. Like watering cans! They come in all kinds of fun shapes, sizes and finishes. Why not use them as decorations? This is a fun, playful DIY with shimmering fairy lights and a cascade of flowers.


  • Light blue tulle (1-2 yards)
  • Faux flowers
  • Watering can
  • Fairy lights (battery-operated)
  • Rubber band
  • Hot glue gun
  • Duck tape


Secure light blue tulle to flow out of the spout using a rubber band. Hot glue faux flowers down the tulle.  Duck tape the fairy lights battery pack inside the watering can. Twist lights around the tulle. Hang it on a post or beside the door as a focal point.


Use fairy lights that come with a remote to easily turn off and on. Create a tulle rainbow and adapt your decorating scheme to feature rainbows for a children’s birthday party or special event.


woman hanging an umbrella wreath with spring flowers in it
woman at table with green umbrella and spring flowers
woman making a wreath with green umbrella and spring flowers

Whenever possible, try to use unique things for door decoration. Shop around your house! Dig through boxes and closets for inspiration. (See more unique door hangers here.)

An umbrella is very appropriate for April decorating. And making it into a door hanger is easy.


  • Hook-handle umbrella
  • Faux flowers (you can use real flowers but they will obviously not last)
  • Ribbon


Fill the umbrella with flowers and tie with a ribbon. You may choose to secure the flowers around the umbrella handle with zip ties for added strength. That’s all it takes!

Remember to pick-up an adjustable, magnet or suction cup door hanger to suspend the umbrella from!


This makes a great gift as well. Slip a bouquet of real flowers inside, still in the plastic covering and finish with a ribbon. Hang it on a door with a note. It’s practical and beautiful.


woman putting spring flowers in rubber rain boot

Rain boots are irresistibly adorable but often sit unused. The added effort of wearing rain boots that need to be changed at work or school isn’t always practical. So use them to decorate instead!

If you want to maintain the boots to wear, arrange faux flowers in them. But if they are getting old or just not practical, go ahead and plant them with real flowers. Add a layer of gravel on the bottom before filling with potting soil. Poke a few holes in the side for drainage.


Old shoes make fun decorations. Spray paint, decoupage, add bling or even plant them!

black basket on chair full of rubber rain boots with flowers for a spring themed front porch


Have you decorated for spring? We’d love to see your front porch! Show us in the comments below for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page.

white basin full of white and pink tulips and yellow flowers

Do you want to learn more about Spring Front Door Decorating?

Meet Robin!

woman with white scarf smiling and opening front door

Robin grew up on a farm in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin. After years living “in town,” she recently moved back to the country where she is renovating an old farmhouse. She’s an expert on window blinds and drape installations, color consultation and blind repair. Her flagship store, “House to Home Designs” is located on the historic Square, downtown Monroe, Wisconsin. Read More

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