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5 Easy No-Sew Farmhouse Easter Front Porch Pillows

burlap and polka dot bunny and purple bandana pillow on chair with white flowers for an Spring and Easter look

What’s more farmhouse than a front porch rocker? The relaxed, country-inspired lifestyle requires a little front porch sittin’. And every rocker needs a pillow! Adding new accent pillows is an easy way to update your front porch every season and holiday. But even pillows get expensive. And who wants to drag out the sewing machine after a long work week? Good news, there are no-sew techniques for making pillows. Here are 5 pillow updates for a “seamless” decorating makeover.


Love rustic decorating? Burlap is your friend! This inexpensive material is made to weather outdoor life. Just a yard of fabric will make a cute bunny pillow. Use chalk to draw a rabbit silhouette or download the template here. (Enlarge template 50%).

Cut out 2 pieces and glue together using a strong hot glue or E6000. Be sure to leave a gap to stuff the pillow. Fill the pillow with recycled plastic bags, bubble wrap or plastic packaging. A plastic fill is more weather-resistant than standard poly fill. Plus, this is a great way to recycle! Glue the gap closed and let dry completely.

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Now, decorate! You can find burlap embellishments at craft stores or use your scraps to create a dimensional tale. Add features or a pattern with acrylic craft paint. A round sponge brush makes polka dots easy. You may even add a ribbon bow at the neck. Use matching ribbon to make the pillow coordinate with your wreath. And you’re done!

Share your burlap bunny pillow in the comments below!

A rabbit pattern with stitching lines, cut burlap pieces and a stitched rabbit with a burlap flowers tail and white dots.
woman using hot glue to make a burlap bunny pillow
woman making a burlap polka dot bunny pillow
woman putting polka dots on burlap bunny


Bandanas and country style are synonymous. Perhaps you have some bandanas leftover from a party, costume or the 80s? If not, they are still around at most big box and online clothing stores and come in a wide array of colors. What’s more, they’re usually less than $2 a piece, making this pillow a budget favorite. Choose 2 to match your front porch color scheme. You will also need Stitch Witchery Fusible Bonding Tape. In general, Stitch Witchery is handy to have around. It’s a no-sew solution for hems and other fabric crafts. Follow the directions and fuse together the 2 bandanas, leaving a gap for stuffing. Fill with plastic bags. Fuse closed and you’re done! If you feel like pulling out a needle, you can sew a button in the middle for a little dimension. But it will look cute either way.

Have you used Stitch Witchery before? Tell us your favorite project in the comments below.

purple bandana pillow
woman ironing a purple bandana pillow


Sometimes a solution is as simple as it looks. The quickest, easiest way to create a pillow cover without sewing? Tie a knot. This project is for updating an existing pillow. Use a piece of fabric big enough to enclose your pillow. Old flannel shirts, sheets or even curtains work great. Follow these instructions.

A grey and white print pillow with a large fabric bow.


Most of us have received made or helped make a flannel tie blanket. Adapt the concept for a pillow! Instead of flannel, use linen or a fabric shower curtain.

Follow the instructions here for a braided twist on the tie blanket.

Four solid color oval braided rugs in denim, beige, navy and rust.


Wrap a pillow like a present and secure with safety pins or adhesive velcro tabs. Turn the pinned side to the back. This is a great way to use a sports jersey, T-shirt or special fabric you don’t want to damage.

See the tutorial here.

wrapped and pinned denim fabric pillow


Making accent pillows is easy, economical and fast. Use these no-sew techniques and create your own designs for every special occasion. Show us your handiwork. We may feature you on our Facebook page!

woman putting polka dots on burlap bunny

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Meet Robin!

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Robin grew up on a farm in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin. After years living “in town,” she recently moved back to the country where she is renovating an old farmhouse. She’s an expert on window blinds and drape installations, color consultation and blind repair. Her flagship store, “House to Home Designs” is located on the historic Square, downtown Monroe, Wisconsin. Read More

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Published on Mar 22 2019

Last Updated on Mar 24 2021

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