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Rustic Farmhouse Easter Front Door Decorating [Video]

Create A Farmhouse Easter Front Door!

Are you a farmhouse decorating fan? Let’s give Easter decorating a rustic twist! From an easy burlap bunny pillow to a fun bandana DIY, you’ll want to see this door transformation!


The weekend’s almost here. I’m Robin with Front Door Friday. Somebody’s very excited about decorating this Easter front door.

Are you a farmhouse decorating fan? Let’s give Easter decorating a rustic twist. Today, I’ll show you a couple of quick DIYs and some styling tips.

You can’t have a farmhouse theme without some burlap. Draw out a bunny silhouette or download a template by clicking here.

Cut out two pieces of burlap and hot glue together a half-inch from the edge, leaving an opening to fill. Stuff the pillow with recycled plastic bags and glue closed. Paint or glue white dots all over and add some burlap roses to make the fluffy tail. You can fray the edges for a more rustic look.

Bandanas are inexpensive and definitely farm-appropriate so I thought it would be fun to make another throw pillow that’s quick and easy. Just use Stitch Witchery to fuse together the edges of two bandanas, leaving an opening to fill. Stuff with recycled plastic bags since plastic is more weather resistant. Iron shut and you’re done.

This is also a great way to use old neck scarves and table runners. You’ll love Stitch Witchery. Check out the link below for more easy, no-sew pillow ideas.

Growing up on a farm, I loved farmhouse decorating before it became popular. It’s timeless, fun, and works for every holiday.

That’s it for this week’s Front Door Friday. I encourage you to step out and try some front door decorating this weekend. To learn more, check out the Country Door blog. And I’ll see you next Friday. Happy decorating and God bless.

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