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Easter Front Door Decorating: Hop to It!

Break out the grassy greens, daffodils, candy pastels, bunnies, chicks and eggs–let the spring awakening begin! It’s time to update your front door for Easter. What could be more fun? From farmhouse makeovers to elegant and simple touches, Easter front door decorating is calling.

AND…choosing a style and design just got a whole lot easier. Use the simple EASTER FRONT DOOR SHAPE GUIDE below to create and execute your front door makeover.

Easter Front Porch Decorating: Begin Here

First, give your front entrance a thorough cleaning. Hose off or wipe down the door, clean windows inside and out and touch up paint or stain. Now’s the time to finish any little repairs and get everything in good working order.

Next, pull out all your Easter decorations. A new season is a new opportunity to purge old or outdated pieces and make room for new. Evaluating what you already have can be a crucial money-saving step. It will help you avoid the pitfalls of buying duplicates or unnecessary items.

If DIY is your thing, take a little time to do a quick inventory of your supplies to avoid multiple trips to the store.

Finding your Easter front door style can take some time and thought. In general, seasonal decorating should be an extension of your year-round decorating style. But maybe it can be a chance to break out of your box and try new things. Don’t be afraid to go bold or trendy. Seasonal decorating is temporary. Even if you take a risk and don’t like the results, it will go away in just a few days or weeks. No commitment necessary. Just have fun and enjoy decorating!

You’ll find these Easter door decorations inspiring.



A round Gerbera daisy wreath in Fall colors on a wood door, and tall white planters with gerberas and other flowers.
A front door with an orange floral wreath, brick steps, tall planters with orange flowers, and a screened triangle overlay.

A great formula for front door decorators that want to keep a consistent look throughout the seasons. This shape is anchored by identical planters, pots or topiaries on either side of the front door. A seasonal wreath completes the triangle shape.

For an Easter twist, use bright egg-hunt colors. Swap out the traditional wreath for a bunny-shaped hanger or cross. Try planting basic green grass in your pots for a simple, spring look.

Why You’ll Love It: Quick, effective and budget-friendly. A one-time investment of statement planters is recommended.


A Victorian home's front porch with stained glass, and potted plants on the steps, with potted blue hydrangeas.
A Victorian home's front porch with stained glass, and potted plants on the steps, with a screened rectangle overlay.

Draw the eye vertically or horizontally using multiple pots and plants. Above we’ve shown a horizontal concept using the top stairs for a focal point. Notice the door is bare. Green thumb decorators will love this. It’s a chance to showcase spring blooms like daffodils, tulips and grasses. Flowering herbs are beautiful as well. Keep the pots arranged within your rectangle for symmetry.

Why You’ll Love It: This is a great way to show off seasonal blooms and add color. It also lets you subtly feature a front door without decorating it. Great for neutral colored entrances that need some pops of color.


Two hot pink and magenta planters with flowers and Easter bunny cutouts by a front door, and a floral B door hanger.
See this arrangement at The Seasonal Home
A front door hung with a wreath, and Easter Bunny decor in matching urns, with a screened triangle overlay.

Symmetry and geometry combine for the simplest, most effective front-door layout. A wreath or door hanger forms the top point, a festive mat anchors the bottom and matching topiaries flank either side. This design works season after season with just a few tweaks and updates.

For Easter, choose brightly colored flowers and add some ribbons to your topiaries or flower pots. Pick up a fun indoor/outdoor mat. Make or buy a matching wreath. To tie the whole look together, add a bow to the wreath using the same ribbon you used on the topiaries.

Why You’ll Love It: Updates your entrance in 4 easy steps. The diamond, it’s a girl’s best friend.

4. STAR:

Rustic front door with a basket of flowers, a white woven metal bench, and planters of flowers.
Rustic front door with a basket and planters of flowers, and a white woven metal bench, with a screened star overlay.

Create a starburst effect by staggering your front door decor in an intentionally random pattern. Keep the wreath, offset topiaries/pots and fill in with fun figural or decorative pieces like bunny statues. The key to making random work is having a cohesive element. So keep your decorative pieces the same theme, color or style.

Why You’ll Love It: Taking a step back from perfect symmetry can create a beautiful, elegant look and change your design perspective.


a wreath, galvanized buckets and old crates with greenery create a Spring flea market chic porch
Farmhouse front porch with wreath, galvanized metal planters, wood crates, and lanterns, with a screened trapezoid overlay.

The farmhouse lover’s delight! Gather together old shutters, windows, crates, galvanized buckets and create a cascading vignette on either side of your door. This is flea market chic at it’s best. First, set the stage. Fill in with bright Easter-pastel florals and fun fillers. Maybe display a wooden egg collection in cartons? Let your imagination run wild.

Why You’ll Love It: This is the time and place to display all your salvaged treasures for all the world to see. Treat your front door like a store window. Goal: stop traffic.


Stone pavers leading to a bedroom's opened wood French doors, with a bunny by three potted blue flowers on the steps.
Double wood paned glass patio doors and three planters of flowers, with a screened side triangle overlay.

Easy, simple and quick. On schedule overload? This is the shape for you. Just hang a wreath and place flower pots to the right or left of your entrance.

Why You’ll Love It: So quick. So easy. The shape for busy front door decorating mavens everywhere.

Weekend Projects: Easy DIY Easter Wreaths and Décor

1. Learn how to make this Bunny Wreath at Sprinkle Some Fun

Four grapevine wreaths wrapped with pastel flower sprigs and tied with a blue ribbon to create an Easter bunny wreath.

2. Make an oversized Egg Topiary at Celebrate and Decorate

An egg topiary of three colored eggs stacked on a silver vase, adorned with pink and purple Spring flowers.

3. An easy Easter Pallet Sign DIY at Taryn Whiteaker

Stacked wooden pallet boards painted a pastel green is the background for a white painted bunny

4. Spring Bunny Pom Pom Wreath tutorial at Flamingo Toes

A round twine-wrapped Easter wreath with a felt bunny sitting on green pom poms, colored eggs, and a floral garland.

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