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A round twig wreath of many pink and white tulips hung on an oak door with paned windows.

Spring and Summer Wreath Buying Guide

Love your door? Put a ring on it!

Choosing a summer wreath is not the biggest decorating decision you’ll ever make, but if you hang it on the front door it’s a first impression. And we all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression. No pressure.

Seriously, no pressure. We’ve broken down the essential components used to design our wreaths. All you have to do is choose. It’s that easy!

And here are a few ways to use summer wreaths for front door decorating.


All our wreaths are a mix of natural and synthetic materials made to last for years.


  • Fabric: Flowers are designed and fashioned out of fabrics for color and texture. Every detail inspired by nature.
  • Plastic: Stems and fine details are made of plastic. Plastic gives stems strength to hold shape.


  • Vines/Twigs: Most wreaths are composed of natural twisted vines or twigs. Metal frames are sometimes used for smaller wreaths.
Close-up sections of four different floral wreaths, including pink and white tulips, forsythia, pink peonies, and orange roses.


Door wreaths come in all shapes and sizes. Conventional rings always look good. However, unique and figural shapes offer a fun and seasonal alternative. Try a rectangle, square or basket for something different.

conventional ring wreath of color spring flowers
square twig wreath adorned with purple berries, green ivy, and hydrangeas, hanging on a wood door


Size matters. Why? A small wreath can look lost on a large door. A deep wreath can get sandwiched between a screen and outside door. Consider where you want to hang a wreath, then evaluate size.

Wreaths are measured by:

Diameter: The measurement across
(round wreaths only)
Depth: The measurement front to back

Width: The measurement across
Height: The measurement top to bottom

A round photo of a floral wreath on a wood door, with an arrow across it, showing how to measure the diameter.
how to measure the height and width of a wreath


Installing wreaths can be the trickiest and most time-consuming part of decorating with them.
We’ve done a little troubleshooting for you.

First, ensure the wreath has a hanging loop. If not, you can easily make one by looping craft wire and twisting on to the wreath back. Wood or foam wreaths will require you to attach the loop with hot glue.

Make sure your loop is small enough to be hidden behind the wreath.

Five colorful Spring wreaths hanging on a white country schoolhouse entrance with an iron bicycle plant stand holding ferns.


Over-the-Door Wreath Hanger

Best For: Front doors, inside doors; medium-size wreaths


  • Doesn’t require hammering nails or screws into a door
  • Holds up to 20 lbs.
  • Decorative


  • Less height versatility
  • Visible
  • More likely for wreaths to fall down

On-the-Door Wreath Hanger

Best For: Front doors, inside doors; medium-size wreaths


  • Doesn’t require hammering nails or screws into a door
  • Holds up to 20 lbs.
  • Decorative


  • Less height versatility
  • Visible
  • More likely for wreaths to fall down

Double Magnetic Wreath Hanger

Best For: Hanging wreaths on windows or metal surfaces; small to medium size wreaths


  • Enables you to hang wreaths on windows using a magnet hanger on both sides
  • More durable for years of use


  • Limited weight capacity
  • Can only use on windows or metal surfaces

Fishing Line

Best For: Hanging oversized wreaths outdoors, wreaths that weigh more than 10 lbs.; all size wreaths


  • Up to 25-lb. weight capacity
  • Nearly invisible
  • Inexpensive and readily available


  • Requires a nail or hook to hang on
  • Not decorative
purple flowers made of wood on a lightweight wreath with a rope hanger


Though made to last years, outdoor wreaths made of fabric and faux materials will age over time.

Follow these preventative steps to make your wreaths last longer:

  1. Hang out of direct sunlight to prevent fading
  2. Before storing, use a blow dryer on low speed to remove dust and debri
  3. Wood curl wreaths should not be exposed to moisture–the dyes used to color them may run
  4. ​Put the wreath in a plastic bag before storing to prevent dust build up and guard against moisture


There’s free storage included with our wreaths. Just keep the packing box! It was made to accommodate your wreath’s depth and width. When looking for storage options, be sure to find a container that will not smash down your wreath. Ideally, wreaths should be stored in a container made to fit its proportions without much wiggle room. This prevents jostling.


From full, blooming beauties to simple compositions–there’s many ways to arrange a wreath. It’s all about matching your decorating personality with a wreath. Find your perfect match below.

A round twig wreath of many pink and white tulips hung on an oak door with paned windows.

The Neat Freak

Do you thrive on empty countertops and clutter-free views? Try a wreath featuring just one flower. The simple, orderly arrangement will appeal to your need for symmetry.

The Green Thumb

Do garden centers make your heart flutter? Are you a seed hoarder? Look for a wreath featuring one flower type and lots of greenery. The overall aesthetic is a gardener’s delight.

A round red geranium wreath with ivy hung on an oak door with paned windows.
A full, round floral twig wreath of lavender hung on an oak door with paned windows.

The Naturalist

Love the simple things in life? Appreciate Mother Nature’s bounty? Choose a natural textured wreath that celebrates your favorite flowering herb or greenery.

The Romantic

Do cabbage roses and lace make your world go around? Are period dramas your cup of tea? Then look for soft pastel roses, dahlias and cosmos with meandering ivy and tiny flower accents with part of the natural twine wreath exposed.

A round grapevine wreath of peach and white roses, ivy and white flowers hung on an oak door with paned windows.
blooming country floral wreath with yellow daffodils, purple and pink pansies, and lavender lilacs

The Artist

Live for Monet exhibits and paint retreats? Thrive on color and beautiful art studio messes? Choose a wreath full of color and natural, “wild” arrangements

Do you want to learn more about Seasonal Front Door Decorating?

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