Putting Away Christmas: Storage Hacks for Tricky Décor

A decorator’s worst nightmare? Storing all the decorations! We all love to change things out for the seasons. But where do we put it away after we put it up? Let’s untangle the mess and make storage a cinch.

Decorating your front door is fun. But all those outdoor wreaths, lights and trees have to be put away. Today I’m sharing affordable tips to conquer storage frustration and keep things looking good for years.


Large outdoor trees and topiaries can suck up space and collect dust. Try shrink wrap. Wrap your tree tightly and seal. Just cut through the plastic when you’re ready to use it again. Or, use a cheap drop cloth or old sheet to wrap the tree. Push branches down in the same direction. Tie or sew closed. Don’t forget to label the tree size and type. Once wrapped, all trees look alike!


Oh, we’ve all experienced the pain of trying to unravel lights and cords. It isn’t a pretty sight. There’s several ways to avoid this nightmare. Wrap string lights around a spare coat hanger or a piece of cardboard. Cut notches in the cardboard to secure the string. Hang or store in a box. Icicle lights can be wrapped in butcher paper or even leftover Christmas paper. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls are handy to keep extension cords. Remember to label each string and cord by length and light color.


Wreaths can really pile up. Especially if you change them out for seasons. Try using a coat hanger for each one. Cover in a clear trash bag and hang in a closet or on a rack. A closet rod is also handy for storing multiple wreaths in one space. Use boxes or plastic containers for shelf storage. Each wreath should be stored separately to protect it. Garland can be wrapped around sturdy hangers or stored in a box.


Door mats can also build up. Skirt hangers with clips work great. Remember to cover in plastic to protect against dust and fading.

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