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New Year’s Eve Front Door Decorating [Video]

FRONT DOOR FRIDAY – Video, A woman popping a bottle with flying confetti, placing a 2019 New Year's greeting on a door.


Pop the cork and pour the champagne. Let’s celebrate New Year’s Eve in style. The weekend’s almost here. I’m Robin with Front Door Friday.

New Year’s Eve. It’s all about glitz, glamour, and new beginnings. But it’s also a missed decorating opportunity. And who doesn’t love a little glitter and sparkle?

That’s it for this week’s Front Door Friday. I encourage you to step out and try some front door decorating this weekend. To learn more, check out the Country Door blog. I’ll see you next Friday. Happy decorating and God bless.

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Lyn daner

Love love love your products. Can’t wait for my new catalog to arrive!

Country Door

Hello Lyn,

We’re glad you’re enjoying your experience with us! Thanks for being a great customer!
Warmest Wishes,
The Country Door Team

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