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Front Door Wreath Hangers

Wreath Hangers Guide

Wreath hangers – there are so many to choose from, but which is the best? There’s a right one for every door and every occasion, whether you have a metal, glass, or wood door. A wreath is the easiest, quickest way to decorate a front door. But how do you hang it without damaging your door? Are there tricks to making the hanger look good? These affordable solutions are also easy on your door and don’t require a hammer and nail. Here’s a quick and easy guide to the best wreath hangers available.

Over-the-door Adjustable Wreath Hanger

A classic Over-the-Door Hanger is sold in just about any hardware or decorating store. Look for a hook with adjustable depth to fit over your door perfectly and adjustable height for more options. This hanger is great for standard wreaths.

Best For: Front doors, inside doors; medium-size wreaths

Tip: Double hook hangers let you add a wreath to both sides of the door and eliminate the ugly hook showing on one side or the other.


  • Doesn’t require hammering nails or screws into a door
  • Holds up to 20 lbs.
  • Decorative


  1. Often visible, even with a full wreath
  2. More likely for wreaths to fall down
  3. Can cause scratching on the top of the door. It is recommended you protect your door from scratching.

Command Hooks

Command Hooks. What did we do before command hooks? Just peel off the back stick it and hang it wherever needed.

The adhesive on the back of these hooks is strong enough to hold several pounds of weight. Be sure to check the weight recommendation since they come in several sizes.

Best For: Front doors, glass doors, mirrors, inside decorating; medium to small wreaths.

Pro Tip #1: Wait an hour before hanging anything on the hook. This will give the adhesive time to set.

Pro Tip #2: Use a second hook to secure the wreath on the bottom and prevent it from banging against your door.


  • Many different hook options
  • Place anywhere
  • Allows you to hang more than 1 wreath on a door


  • Less than 10-lb. weight capacity
  • Not decorative

Double Magnetic Wreath Hanger

A double magnet is a great door hanger for doors with windows. You can also use it to hang wreaths on sidelights or windows around the house. If you have a metal door, you can use a standard single magnet hanger. The magnetic hooks are very strong and the hangers require no difficult installation.

Best For: Hanging wreaths on windows or metal surfaces; small to medium size wreaths


  • Enables you to hang wreaths on windows using a magnet hanger on both sides
  • Protects your door from scratching
  • More durable for years of use


  • Limited weight capacity based on magnet’s strength
  • Can only use on windows or metal surfaces

Suction Cup Hooks

Suction cup hangers are a preferred hanger for thin glass or clear polycarbonate windows. They are lightweight and won’t put excessive strain on thin or less rigid materials.

Best For: Hanging wreaths on window surfaces or extremely smooth surfaces.


  • “Invisible,” transparent polycarbonate material
  • Holds well in both hot and cold temperatures


  • Polycarbonate can become brittle with time or in extreme cold temperatures

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You used to have a wreath hanger that was white metal looked a little lacey or eyelet few years back. Went the whole way across the door. Doyou still have this.

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