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How to Hang Holiday Garland and Wreaths

How to Hang Holiday Garland and Wreaths

How to Hang Garland Around the Front Door

It’s time to deck the halls and spread Christmas cheer with holiday decorations, garland and greenery! If you love the look but don’t know how to hang garland around a door or how to hang a lighted wreath on a front door without the extension cord showing, we have a few easy tricks. Believe it or not, it’s possible to hang garland and wreaths without a hammer or nails. All you need is a tape measure and a few unique tools.

front door garland and wreath adorned with evergreens lights pinecones and poinsettia

Tips for How to Hang Garland Outside

Step One: Measure your door frame: both sides and the width across the top. Add the measurements together. That’s the minimum length garland you will need. If you want to drape or have the garland pool on the ground, add extra length. In general, one garland for the door top and one garland per side works.

Step Two: Leave the toolbox behind, you won’t be hammering nails. Try a metal doorway garland hanger to attach the garland across the top of the doorframe. This convenient invention fits into place without any nails or screws and doesn’t damage your door. Best of all it looks beautiful. Want a simpler hanging method? Look in the holiday décor section of your store for clear command hooks. These outdoor Christmas garland hooks are designed to adhere to most surfaces and are easily removed without damage. They make hanging Christmas decorations, or any decorations, easy! Remember to let them set for an hour before hanging anything. This allows the adhesive to harden.

How to Hang Garland on Your Mantel

How to Hang Garland on the Mantle

Of course, if your mantel has a wide enough ledge, you can set garland on top with ease. If you want to hang it in swags, decide how many swags you want, usually 3 or 5, depending on the width of your mantel. Attach clear command hooks on the top edge of the ledge in the places you want the peak of your garland. Start with the center one, then measure so the remaining ones are evenly spaced. Use fishing line to hang the garland on the hooks. Add pretty ribbon at each hook to finish the look. String small battery-operated fairy lights through the garland for subtle lighting.


How to Hang a Wreath on a Front Door

There are many types of doors, and just as many ways to hang a wreath on them. Here are the most common ones:

Wood Doors: Hang a wreath using a wreath hanger that hangs over the top of the door. Adjustable wreath hangers are the best. They offer versatility to hang the top of the wreath at different heights. There are also double hangers with a hook on both sides of the door. Or loop a 3-inch wide ribbon through the center of your wreath, then secure it to the top of your door with flat thumbtacks. This works great on mirrors inside your home too, just tack down the ribbon ends on the back side of the mirror frame.


Glass Doors: Use a double magnet wreath hanger. The powerful magnets are secured together on both sides of the glass. They’re also great for hanging wreaths on windows. A suction cup wreath hanger also works. 

Metal Doors: Use a magnetic wreath holder to keep your wreath firmly in place. Command hooks also work. Be sure to check the weight recommendation.



How to Hang a Wreath on a Wall

Take the same approach you would when hanging a piece of artwork. A nail or picture-hanging hook might be all you need. Avoid adding a bunch of extra nail holes in the wall and replace non-seasonal artwork with holiday art. Skip nail holes altogether and use a clear removable plastic hook.

Do you have favorite tricks for hanging garland and wreaths? We’d love to hear them! Share in the comments below. And don’t forget to add a picture!



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  1. Everything you shared is absolutely beautiful. Enjoyed reading all your tips! Merry Christmas.

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  4. This glorious summer weather has me doing all sorts of dreaming about dreamy outdoor spaces

  5. Appreciate your great deco tips. I have wreath hangers, but have never seen garland hangers. Where would I find these to see what they look like? Do you carry them? Thanks for your time and tips.

    1. Hello Renee,
      For garland we typically use command hooks. They are AMAZING because they come in a lot of sizes and colors. The added bonus is that they are easily removable. Usually for evergreen garland we use the larger size. Make sure you set up your hook about 30 minutes before you put the garland on so they have time to set up. We have also used small nails for a more permanent solution if it doesn’t impact the overall look of your home, like on the tops of cabinets. Happy Decorating!
      Warmest Wishes,
      Your Country Door Team

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