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Black witch stake decorations outside with orange and black cauldron and smoke

Spooky and Creative Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Black witch stake decorations outside with orange and black cauldron and smoke

Make Your House The Spookiest One On The Block With These Boo-tiful Halloween Decorating Ideas

It’s that spooky time of year again, and when you transform your front yard and porch with Halloween decorations then everyone is in for a frightfully good time. Halloween has become one of America’s favorite holidays; we think it’s because of the “all in good fun” factor that brings everyone together. See how much fun you can scare up! Whether you like to channel your inner ghoul and keep things creepy and fun, or you like a more subdued look that is more playful and less scary, there are plenty of frightfully fun decorating ideas waiting for you.

Orange front door with a tall black planter filled with Fall leaves, a wood witch cutout, and a metal Jack-o-Lantern.

Halloween Front Door Decor

Your front porch or entryway is an ideal place to start your Halloween décor. Make an eerie entrance to surprise guests as soon as they walk in the door with a motion-activated witch that will give them a friendly fright upon their arrival. Be sure to deck out entryway tables with spider web tablecloths and whimsical witches!

Halloween witch with an apple, three lit metal Jack-o-Lanterns and a BOO marquee, and a pumpkin topiary.

Who will you have welcoming trick-or-treaters this year from your front porch? Will it be a cackling witch with a poisoned apple, a creepy zombie, or a grinning trio of jack-o-lanterns? Scary Halloween decorations will keep your house on the top of all the kiddies’ lists.

Halloween Pumpkins

Plan Your Pumpkin Yard Décor

Tip_Halloween window boxes with pumpkins

Of course, there will always be a place on your front porch for your hand-carved pumpkin masterpieces, but also consider adding decorative pumpkins that can be added early on in the month and you won’t have to worry about how long they will stay fresh. Vintage pumpkins or a pumpkin topiary on the front porch are a clever and festive way to welcome visitors.

Decorate With Yard Décor

Create a spine-tingling graveyard in your front yard with posable skeletons and broken tombstones. Don’t line the tombstones up in a straight line. Instead, stagger them around and make it look like it’s a really old cemetery with some of the gravestones tilted and broken. Pile some fresh dirt in front of a few of the gravestones and have skeletons coming out from their graves.

Tip_Use Styrofoam to create homemade gravestones

Say It With Pumpkins

These days, there’s way more to pumpkins than just a good carving. Let a batch of them spell out your Halloween greetings across your mantle, or pile a polka-dotted bunch next to your doorway. From the warm shimmering glow of LED lit pumpkins to a primitive folk art pumpkin doll, go ahead and express yourself by way of the pumpkin!

Witch Globe Light

Use Halloween Yard Décor to Light the Path

Make sure everyone can find their way to your house in the dark by lighting up a path with a set of Halloween luminaries. Use them along stairways or decks to set the mood. Even if you are decorating on a budget, Halloween lighting can be a cost-effective way to celebrate the holiday.

Easy Halloween Lighting Ideas

You don’t want your house to be the dark one on the block. Use Halloween lighting to give your home an eerie glow that can be seen from the street. Try whimsical pumpkins, spooky globes, LED-lit pumpkins, or cut-out lanterns to light your stairs and front porch. Want to decorate the inside of your home to be just as spooky as the outside? We have plenty of decorating ideas to get you started with these Wickedly Scary Indoor Halloween Décor.

Set of 3 Halloween Lanterns

Throwing Your Own Monster Bash?

Check out our tips for throwing a spooktacular Halloween party.

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I really like the purple globe luminary! Where can I find it??

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Halloween ideas introduced by you are quite good. I just love the selection mentioned by you. Hand covered pumpkin can make a very good effect to others and even these looks very nice too.

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