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Decorate Your Home with Quilts

5 Creative Ways to Display Your Quilts

Someone once said, “A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.” We couldn’t agree more. But quilts aren’t just for beds. Think outside the box (springs) and use your linens to decorate. Since ancient times, tapestries have been hung as show-stopping wall art. What’s worked for centuries, still looks good today. Here’s our top 5 tips for turning quilts into décor.

1. Group Quilts Together

Get them out of the closet and on display. Family heirlooms and beautiful fabrics are meant to be enjoyed. Use a quilt rack, ladder, stool, hooks or shelf to showcase your collection.

TIP: During colder months, display quilts in the foyer or entryway with a sign for guests to “grab a comfy blanket.”

A multicolored floral squares quilt and shams, with a yellow happy pillow, two rabbit figurines, and a crochet stool.
Emma Oversized Quilt

2. Make Bedding Seasonal

Quilts are a fast way to decorate bedrooms for a change of season. There’s a couple different approaches: buy a solid, neutral colored quilt and accent with throw blankets and pillows, or go all out changing colors and styles for spring, summer, fall and winter. Whatever you choose, make beds work as décor.

TIP: Reversible quilts are smart buys. Oftentimes the reverse side is more neutral and versatile.

3. Create a Quilt Gallery Wall

Display a favorite or family heirloom as wall art. This is especially appealing for large wall spaces that need filler. A wide variety of quilt wall hangers are available online and in specialty stores. Do not nail or tack the quilt–it will stretch and damage the fabric.

TIP: Using scrap fabric, make hanging loops and sew on your quilt. Be sure to space the loops evenly and use enough to distribute the quilt’s weight. An inexpensive curtain rod can then be used for hanging.

4. Try A Quilt Tablecloth

Sometimes the unexpected can make the strongest style statement. Use a quilt for a tablecloth. You don’t have to eat off it, but it can turn a boring dining table into a conversation piece.

TIP: Save faded, worn quilts for picnic blankets and children’s play mats.

A black and white baroque quilt with a matching pillow sham displayed by gray paned windows.
Mosaic Quilt

5. Drape & Slipcover

Simple is better. Strategically drape a few quilts on the back of family room furniture for instant cottage style. Perhaps even tuck and drape over a chair, making an affordable and unique slipcover.

TIP: Find a quilt large enough to cover the seat cushions of a couch or loveseat. Remove cushions and center on the reverse side of the quilt. Wrap cushions as you would a present, using safety pins to secure quilt. Quick and smart reupholstery!

“But It’s an Heirloom Quilt…I Don’t Want It to Get Ruined!”

A white, teal, and brown paisley quilt and shams with a gold accent pillow, large gold angel wings, and a LOVE stool.
Kincardine Quilt

Still a little nervous about displaying and using handcrafted and heirloom quilts?  It’s ok. Take a few easy precautionary measures and they’ll remain vibrant and beautiful for years.

3 Damage-Prevention Tips:

  1. Never display in direct sunlight.
  2. When storing, do not fold. Place clean tissue paper over the quilt and gently roll into a bundle. This will prevent wear on folded edges.
  3. Cedar-lined chests are the ideal storage place for your most prized country quilts.

More about caring for vintage quilts here:

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