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Stylish and Cozy Living Room Decorating Ideas

Learn how to create a stylish and cozy living room space

How To Make a Cozy Living Room Using Warm Decor

Your living room is the center point of your home. It’s where guests are invited to sit, where the friends converge for movie night and where everyone goes for the all-important family meeting. It’s where life happens, a lot, at most anyone’s home. So go ahead and create a warm and cozy living room with these easy decorating ideas.

Warm Paint Colors

If you want to stick with neutral beige walls, consider adding a warm accent color, like apple red or pumpkin orange to instantly add a warm mood to the space. Better yet, peruse the warm side of the color wheel, from soft yellows to organic oranges and rich reds. See how a new coat of paint can warm up the whole room, or try painting only an accent wall to bring warmth and color to your living room.

How to pick the best living room sofa for your home

Living Room Sofa Ideas

Skip any overly structured, formal furniture that might feel stuffy or make someone think twice about getting comfortable. Instead, gravitate toward oversized sofas or deep sectional couches that will invite friends and family to pile on, put their feet up and make themselves right at home. A soft fabric texture is an added bonus. Be sure to accessorize with plenty of accent pillows and blankets that make it easy for guests to get comfy.

 Add area rugs that complement your living rooms color scheme.

Accessorize and Accent

The little extras are often the elements that bring your cozy quotient up a notch or two. Add an area rug that features a sumptuous texture, like a deep shag, or choose one with an intriguing color pattern that complements your warm color scheme.

Lighting for a Warm and Cozy Living Room


Don’t count on your overhead light to warm up your space. Instead, look to your accent lighting to add ambiance and warmth. Add floor lamps to brighten up corners and provide focused reading light near armchairs. Wall sconces add a soft glow along the walls. And of course, candles always warm up a room. Choose LED candles with timers to ensure your room always has this gorgeous ambiance.

How to Pick Living Room Storage Furniture

A Place for Everything

Warm up your space by choosing an accent table that has a personality to complement your color palette and your home. The idea is to never feel stuffy. Try a tufted ottoman table or one with rustic elegance and interesting wheels. The same holds true for media storage. Shelving may be a practical necessity, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some with personality. Choose a media storage cabinet in an unexpected color or one that features the glow of a fireplace alongside cubbies to store movies and DVD players. What better way to add warmth than by adding an electric cozy fireplace!

 Window Coverings for your Living Room

Window Coverings

Warm up windows by adding window coverings. Curtains in welcoming jacquards or billowy sheers add to the warm and cozy ambiance of the space. Room-darkening panels turn your living room into a media room in a blink and make that cozy central hub take on another reason to gather friends and family together. Not sure about what your curtain length should be? We show you how to measure a window for curtains.

Looking to make your small living room feel bigger?

We have the inside scoop on how to decorate smaller rooms to your advantage.

3 thoughts on “Stylish and Cozy Living Room Decorating Ideas

  1. Great design tips! These ideas are inspiring.

  2. HELP,I have 7 windows in my bedroom, sick of curtains,shades of every kind what else can I try?

    1. Hi Sharon,
      That’s a lot of windows! Have you thought about trying a valance or tying up the curtains in different ways? Or looking at new hardware and tie-backs? Or perhaps using different patterns/fabrics to add depth and dimension to your windows? Here’s a great example using our Thermalogic Weathemate Panel Pairs. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting!
      -The Country Door Team

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