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Grocery & Dry Goods wood sign, rustic rooster wall art, barn wood wall shelf with sliding doors, and matching cabinet.

Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

Grocery & Dry Goods wood sign, rustic rooster wall art, barn wood wall shelf with sliding doors, and matching cabinet.

Country Themed Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You

If ever there was a kitchen decorating style meant to feel more warm and welcoming, the country kitchen is it. It’s the very heart of your home. The place where everyone gathers to eat, socialize and celebrate, and yet all too often, it’s the last place we think about decorating. Use these decorating ideas to create a welcoming cozy country kitchen. As you embark on bringing this distinctive look to your kitchen, you need only aim at one thing: making everyone feel welcome, and even compelled, to come in and sit a spell. That is truly the hallmark of the unpretentious country cottage-style kitchen.

Breakfast Nook Tables Ideas

Country Kitchen Tables

Start with a cozy dining room furniture set. A pedestal table and a set of dining chairs provide a friendly spot for conversation and a bite to eat. Farmhouse-style seating can take the form of a big oversized farmhouse table to kitchen stools that take their inspiration from tractor seats. There is one common thread—they all set a warm, welcoming tone.

White Cabinet with Cow Wall Art Over IT

Country Kitchen Paint Colors

A country cottage kitchen color palette can be found on walls, kitchen cabinets, storage shelves, and more. Look to this core set of colors to get started: milky whites, buttery yellows, farmhouse reds, gingham blues, and creamy beiges. Bold colors, like reds and deep blues, look best when adorning your accent pieces, like shelving and barstools. Let the softer colors like yellows and beiges take a more prominent place in your kitchen real estate.

Country Kitchen Storage and Organization

Store and Organize

Storage options don’t end with kitchen cabinets. A kitchen storage shelf or a rolling kitchen cart in your eating area can showcase serving dishes while adding an element of charm. Storage cubbies, bins and open shelving provide great places to store essentials in a fun farmhouse-style way. There’s nothing more farmhouse authentic than a metal or wire bin filled with fresh produce – fruit or vegetables. Or, show off colorful linens to accent the kitchen paint color.

Country Kitchen Accessories

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Country kitchens of yesteryear went hand-in-hand with the farmhouse outside. Bring a bit of that style inside farmhouse decor! Add kitchen stools that boast tractor seats, or wall décor that reminds us of a simpler time. Look to butter churns, washboard, and antique pots & pans.

It’s easy to forget about decorating your kitchen’s walls. Add whimsical vintage wall signs to a bare patch of wall, even if it’s up high over your cabinets to add character. The space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling is the perfect spot to add the charm of wall art or farmhouse storage baskets.

If you are looking for a more modern farmhouse look, upgrade to stainless steel faucets and add a neutral or grey-colored tile backsplash. Spruce up your kitchen windowsill with an arrangement of blooming flowers. And don’t forget to add pretty kitchen curtains or tie-up shades on your kitchen window. Finish your kitchen design by adding pendant lighting over your kitchen island.

Do you want more Farmhouse Kitchen Decor?

rooster dinnerware

Barnyard Inspiration

If there is one barnyard animal that seems to rule the country kitchen roost, it is undoubtedly the rooster. Chickens have become popular in country kitchen décor. It is hard to imagine a country-style kitchen without some ode to this much-beloved poultry. Rooster and chicken decor are everywhere these days thanks to an increased interest in raising backyard chickens. Take advantage of this resurgence in popularity and add your own rooster to the flock.

Converting your kitchen into a chicken-themed place is easy. From dinnerware to wall art to table linens to countertop canisters, read about Country Chicken Kitchen Décor for more inspiration.

Kitchen Accessories

Turn up the Country Kitchen Charm

Kitchen accessories for your country kitchen should reflect a homespun approach. Line up several embossed glass jars along a shelf ledge. Plant a mini windowsill herb garden in recycled jelly jars. Keep a vintage cookie jar filled with fresh baked cookies. Use an old-fashioned scale as a place to drop today’s mail.

Kitchen Valance Curtains Add Style to Your Windows

Celebrate Country Cottage Style

Look to accent your kitchen with country cottage style. If your kitchen is a white or neutral color, select botanical colors with light apricot, dusty pink, and shades of green set against brighter colors like fuchsia and sunflower yellow. Weathered and natural texture elements provide cottage style authenticity without becoming too rustic.

Hello Fall pillow on a wood chair, galvanized buckets with mums and gourds, a lit Fall garland and an owl lantern.

Rustic Kitchen Decor

Country kitchens that originated on true farms had unique accents in each one, much due to how they had to make do with whatever they had on hand. Look for items that give a nod to this element and embrace repurposed style. Did that leaning wall shelf once have a life as a pantry door? Did that dairy bucket transform into a pretty flower vase? This eclectic charm really adds to that country kitchen look. Or, look for furniture and decor built with reclaimed barnwood and galvanized metal to reflect a rustic theme.

Pancake Pan

Start Cookin’

The aroma of home cooking is one of the best kitchen accessories you could hope for. Whip up a batch of buttermilk pancakes in a quaint farm animal-inspired pancake pan and you’ll have everyone running to the kitchen to dig in!

Farmhouse wood plank Fresh Eggs wall art with a tin chicken silhouette on a distressed orange background.

Done with the Cozy Kitchen Decorating? On to the Living Room!

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Decorating Kitchen is not so difficult if we follow such kind of tips and ideas. Thanks for sharing such ideas to design kitchen.

I love the rooster theme. The color theme is just perfect for a country kitchen. My grandmother used to have a large ceramic chicken in her kitchen, and she would fill it with candy! I think this rooster paper towel holder would make a great addition to this compilation. Thank you for sharing!

Love, love your catalog. Hope to get a new one for spring. Perfect for our home.
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I have a decorating dilemma. In my bathroom our window is in the middle of our shower surround. It seems like no matter what I do to the window it just does not look right. Please advise on how to put window dressings in a shower window and keeping in mind it must provide full privacy.

Hello Jo, thank you for your comment. This is definitely a decorating dilemma and we reached out to our window experts for advice. They suggested that you look into the frosted glass vinyl adhesive. If your window is large enough, you could probably use a valance, but make sure that it is machine washable. Another option is that you could use a decorative shower liner and use that as a curtain.

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My kitchen and living room are together. Do you have any idea on to decorate. I need some help thanks. I love your ideas

My kitchen and living room are together. Do you have any idea on to decorate. I need some help thanks

Where can I buy the rooster/biscuit prints?

Hi Deborah, thanks for your comment. You can find the Set of 2 Farmhouse Prints here:

love your ideas

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