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Decorating Ideas to Create a Cozy Country Kitchen

Grocery & Dry Goods wood sign, rustic rooster wall art, rustic wood wall shelf with sliding doors

Country-Themed Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You

It’s the very heart of your home. The place where everyone gathers to eat, socialize and celebrate, and yet all too often, it’s the last place we think about decorating. Use these decorating ideas to create a welcoming country kitchen.

Country Kitchen Paint Colors

A country kitchen color palette can be found on walls, kitchen cabinets, storage shelves and more. Look to this core set of colors to get started: milky whites, buttery yellows, farmhouse reds, gingham blues and creamy beiges. Bold colors, like reds and deep blues, look best when adorning your accent pieces, like shelving and barstools. Let the softer colors like yellows and beiges take a more prominent place in your kitchen real estate.

Tables and Chairs for your Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen Tables

Start with a cozy dining room furniture set. A pedestal table and a set of dining chairs provide a friendly spot for conversation and a bite to eat. Farmhouse-style seating can take the form of a big oversized farmhouse table to kitchen stools that take their inspiration from tractor seats. There is one common thread—they all set a warm, welcoming tone.

Country Kitchen Storage and Organization

Store and Organize

Storage options don’t end with kitchen cabinets. A kitchen storage shelf or a rolling kitchen cart in your eating area can showcase serving dishes while adding an element of charm. Storage cubbies and bins provide great places to store essentials in a fun farmhouse-style way. There’s nothing more lovely than a vegetable bin filled with fresh fruit or vegetables. Store them in plain view with a kitchen cubby shelf or wire bins.

Country Kitchen Accessories

Farm Kitchen Decor

It’s easy to forget about decorating your kitchen’s walls. Add whimsical wall signs to a bare patch of wall, even if it’s up high over your cabinets to add character. The space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling is the perfect spot to add the charm of wall art, farmhouse storage baskets or a crowing rooster. Spruce up your kitchen windowsill with an arrangement of blooming flowers. And don’t forget to add pretty kitchen curtains or tie-up shade on your kitchen window.

Barnyard Inspiration

Chickens have become popular in country kitchen décor. It is hard to imagine a country-style kitchen without some ode to this much-beloved poultry. From wall art to table linens to countertop canisters, read Country Kitchen Decor Worth Crowing About for inspiration.

32 thoughts on “Decorating Ideas to Create a Cozy Country Kitchen

  1. love your ideas

  2. Where can I buy the rooster/biscuit prints?

    1. Hi Deborah, thanks for your comment. You can find the Set of 2 Farmhouse Prints here:

  3. My kitchen and living room are together. Do you have any idea on to decorate. I need some help thanks

  4. My kitchen and living room are together. Do you have any idea on to decorate. I need some help thanks. I love your ideas

  5. Love your products just wish I could get a catalog! I requested one several times but don’t ever receive one!

    1. Hello Penny, we’re sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time receiving a catalog. Please email us your address at and we’ll send you a catalog.

  6. I have a decorating dilemma. In my bathroom our window is in the middle of our shower surround. It seems like no matter what I do to the window it just does not look right. Please advise on how to put window dressings in a shower window and keeping in mind it must provide full privacy.

    1. Hello Jo, thank you for your comment. This is definitely a decorating dilemma and we reached out to our window experts for advice. They suggested that you look into the frosted glass vinyl adhesive. If your window is large enough, you could probably use a valance, but make sure that it is machine washable. Another option is that you could use a decorative shower liner and use that as a curtain.

  7. Where can I get the picture ___Planted Pots and Herbs__

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thanks for commenting! You can find the Herb Garden Print here:
      -The Country Door Team

  8. Love, love your catalog. Hope to get a new one for spring. Perfect for our home.
    I must look at the catalog 4 to. 5 times a day. Always finding something I love.

  9. I love the rooster theme. The color theme is just perfect for a country kitchen. My grandmother used to have a large ceramic chicken in her kitchen, and she would fill it with candy! I think this rooster paper towel holder would make a great addition to this compilation. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Decorating Kitchen is not so difficult if we follow such kind of tips and ideas. Thanks for sharing such ideas to design kitchen.

  11. I’m looking for a trash can that resembles a onions Ben.
    All wood with wood top, but for trash.
    Any ideas?

    1. Sheri, thank you for commenting. Maybe this rolling trash bin will meet your needs. It has wheels to roll to where you’re working, saving you steps and spills.

  12. I like yh thee vegetables snd fruits bin but can’t locate it, or price. Thank you.

    1. Hi Brenda, Thank you for your comment. That is our Round Organizer, you can find it here on our website: Have a great day!

  13. i would love to get catalog agail i use to do alot of ordering out of the catalogs and spentloys of money my address is 299 brogden school rd apt 7 my name is katyhy broughton smithfield bc 27577 thank you

    1. Hi Kathy, We have sent out a catalog to you. Until you receive it, you can view our online catalog here:

  14. LOVE these ideas!! Where can I get the sign with the rooster that says “Farmers Market fresh eggs”, and the sign that says GROCERIES and DRY GOODS???

    1. Hi Lynne, Thank you for your comment. You can find our Rooster Art here: and you can see our Groceries and Dry Goods sign here:
      Have a great day!

  15. I tried to send an address change for a catalog but seems to not want to send.

    1. Hi Doris, So sorry for the inconvenience. Please email your address change to:

  16. I received the Fall catalog out of the blue, Loved it . When the Christmas catalog came …. I was hooked ! !ordered things right away ! They have arrived and are everything I thought they would be….perfect ! What a cute , different catalog , thanks so much.

  17. I really want the rolling kitchen cart…is it still available?

    1. Hi Robin,

      We no longer carry this particular kitchen cart, however we have more options for kitchen carts at the link below.

  18. Where or how can I locate the wall treatment in the country kitchen sequence….the navy wall with bee appliques…just love it…is it wallpaper, stencil??Patricia

    1. Hi Patricia,

      You can purchase the Honey Bees Wallpaper at the link below.

      Otherwise, if you feel like getting crafty this may be a fun DIY project with some gold paint and stencils!

  19. is there a catalog that I can get

    1. Hello Jacqueline,

      Please follow the link below to request a catalog. Enjoy!

  20. Where can I find the barn door storage unit that is hanging on that kitchen wall?

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