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Front Entryway Decorating Ideas

Two red trunk benches with pillows, a large canvas of red roses in a yellow pot, a round black clock, and two lit sconces.

How To Decorate Your Front Entry

If you have ever thought of your front entryway as just a blink as your guests head into the rest of your home, think again. Your entryway makes the first welcoming impression and sets the mood for the rest of your home. Warm it up with these front entry ideas and also look for ways to utilize the space for practical purposes. It’s time to recognize the wonderful opportunity that your entryway presents!

Or, if you want to create an entryway in a small space or where one doesn’t exist, scroll down to get some easy tips!

Find Entryway Rug Ideas For Your Home

How do I choose the right area rug?

Let the size and shape of your front entrance be your guide to choosing the right entryway rug. As your guests walk through the front door, is your entryway long and narrow? Choose a runner-style rug the width of your door to naturally lead visitors into your home. A wide rectangular rug looks nice paired up with a double-door entry. A circular open area calls for a circular or octagonal rug. Remember to keep the traffic flow in mind. If your front entryway sees a lot of action, then consider an indoor-outdoor area rug that can stand up to the traffic – particularly on wood floors.

How To Choose An Entryway Table

What kind of foyer table should I put in an entryway?

That all depends on the size of your space. Long, narrow console tables often provide table space without taking up too much of your entryway’s footprint. A round table in the center of a large, round entryway serves as a hub for mail and car keys. Small cabinets can feature storage space, such as drawers and shelves that can come in handy for those small, miscellaneous household items that need a home.

Wall Decor For Your Entryway

What should I hang on the walls?

Let your personality shine in your accent choices in your interior design. Consider framed or canvas wall art that can easily be changed out seasonally. A sunny canvas floral looks inviting in the springtime, while you can change it out for a charming holiday scene in the winter. A wall mirror adds a reflective quality and gives everyone a place to do a last-minute lipstick check before they head out the door. Be sure to read our tips on how to hang wall décor.

Don’t overlook entryway lighting. Small spaces often limit options. The addition of an overhead or pendant light will illuminate the space without cramping the space.

Keep Your Entryway Organized With Coat Racks & Hall Trees

Where do I put coats when I don’t have a coat closet?

Don’t despair. Thanks to entryway benches, coat racks, and organizers, you can now have a place to wrangle outerwear, shoes, and backpacks even when you don’t have a closet in sight. The best part—their practicality may only be outshined by their stylish quality. Look for pretty iron scrollwork, rich woods, and built-in mirrors to make a beautiful entryway. Look for our tips on creating a clutter-free entryway.

Home Decor & Lighting For Your Entryway Table

What goes on a foyer table?

When it comes to entryway table ideas, the possibilities are endless, but there are three key items worth considering. First, check your entryway’s lighting. If it could use some accent lighting, then add a distinctive table lamp. Next, include a large decorative bowl, basket or tray that can capture those little items that are in your hands when you come in the door, like mail, keys, and gloves. Finally, use this space to add some decorative personality—an ornate table clock, a pair of spring bunnies, a vase of LED-lit willow branches, or a trio of candles. Contrast your neutral colors with black and white.

Creating an Entryway Where One Doesn’t Exist

Creating an Entryway Where One Doesn’t Exist

If your home could benefit from the addition of a formal entryway, but there is no space dedicated to a true foyer, don’t despair – design! Rethink the space you have with a few clever tricks and decorating tips that will soon do a stylish job of welcoming everyone who enters!

entryway storage bench

Transform the Hallway

If you have little more than a bit of hallway to work with, then the addition of a striking entryway bench becomes a nice extension into your main living area. Plus, it provides a place for guests to toss their coat and purse. Choose one that has storage options to make even more use of your limited space.

shelf with hooks

Get the Hang of It

When there is simply not an inch of space in your entryway’s footprint, then look to the walls for your answer. Hang a distinctive shelf that features hooks for hanging coats, umbrellas and purses. And that shelf will do a nice job of catching keys. Choose one with a mirror and you also have a place to do one last lipstick check before rushing out for your day.

Get a Clutter-Free Entryway

Branch Out with a Hall Tree

Even the addition of one item can visually define your entry area. A tall potted plant or a hall tree both serve the purpose well. When space is at a minimum, try a wall-mount coat rack instead of a free-standing one. You’ll get all the practicality without having to take up any of your area’s footprint. A nice throw rug finishes the look and gives shoes a place to land.

corner desk table

Smart Moves for Small Entryways

Take a non-traditional approach to entryway decor by tucking a small desk into the corner of your entry space. The look is charming and now you have a place to stash mail and keys as you walk in the door.

Scalloped Console Table

Think Skinny

What works best in a tight little hallway is an equally skinny little entryway table, but oh! How it does wonders to define your entryway. Plus, you’ll find so many decorative options to consider, from quaint little scalloped tables to modern contemporary ones to shabby chic charmers. Top it off with a lovely piece of art and you have created a perfect little entryway out of thin air!

A navy front door with a round floral wreath, two seafoam metal pails filled with pink hydrangeas, and a wash tub bench.

Think Outside the Door

Front door decorating is a rising trend. Welcome guests before they ever even cross the threshold by letting your front porch do the work. Add a welcome mat, a seasonal wreath, and a little table right next to a welcome sign and the doorbell. It’s also the right place to create a landing zone for wet shoes and umbrellas.

Add a coat or two!

We’re not just talking about a raincoat here. More like a distinctive coat of paint or pattern on the floor or wall to help distinguish the entryway space from the rest of your home and sets the tone. This approach works particularly well when paired with some of the other ideas we mentioned above.

A rustic front door with a basket of flowers, a white woven metal chair, a tall church birdhouse, and planters of flowers.

Ideas to Greet Your Guests In Style

There’s only one chance to make a first impression, so give a little TLC to your entryway and you’re sure to make everyone who knocks on your door feel welcome.

Start with a warm welcome sign to start things on the right foot. Make sure your front door is decorated for the season. Add a pop of color with the addition of a spring-inspired area rug. Use a large floral rug to set a garden-like scene. Make the transition from outside to inside with a lovely touch of greenery. Try some vining ivy or a decorative vase with flowers. choose a wall plaque that sets the right tone and reflects your personality. An entry table or an unexpected garden cart makes the perfect place to drop keys and mail, or to put a cute little lamp that switches on at dusk. Let your foyer reflect the season with a few accent pieces.

Ready to Decorate Another Room?

Find all the ideas and inspiration you need to get started with our Inspiring Room Ideas. You’ll find ingenious ways to decorate every room in your home – living room, dining room, bedroom & more!

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