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What to Do With a Blank Wall

What to Do With Blank Walls

Find The Right Wall Decorating Ideas To Transform Your Blank Walls

If you’ve been avoiding that big blank wall in your home because you’re just not sure what to put on it, then fear not. We have some decorating ideas for your blank walls to provide inspiration. Framed art is just the beginning. Consider all the possibilities!

Wall Decoration With Photo Frames

Everyone has a stack of family photos that never make it out of the shoebox in the attic. Take some time to enlarge and frame cherished family photos then create a photo gallery on a wall. Try choosing a different frame that suits the personality of each person. (Fancy for Aunt Sallie. Modern for cousin Joe.) This idea is a surefire winner when it’s your turn to host the next family gathering.

Cover Walls Without Painting

Want to take an all-over approach that goes a step beyond painting? Take a look at wallpaper, especially for an accent wall. Wallpaper offers a beautiful way to bring color and mood to any room and today’s patterns feel modern and fresh.


Wall Art Ideas for a Large Wall

When you have a big blank wall, you have the opportunity to hang an especially large piece of art, whether it is framed or on canvas. Be sure to choose a size that fills about two-thirds to three-quarters of your wall space and hang it so the center is at eye level. This delivers a dramatic, eye-catching focal point for any room. Be sure to read our tips on how to hang wall art.


Make It a Wallscape

If you find yourself stuck trying to find that one perfect piece of wall art, but seem to never be able to locate it, then give yourself a break and consider creating a wallscape. Create a theme and then build a collage around it. Maybe it’s a design theme, such as beachy nautical or farmhouse kitchen, or pay homage to your travels with framed art that shows your love for Italy. A wallscape is a wonderful way to showcase your personal interests.


Mix It Up

Look to a mix of wall art and other items to create visual interest on your blank wall. Arrange various wall signs, pieces of artwork, a charming clock or candle sconces to create a one-of-a-kind space.


Reflect on This

Do not underestimate the beauty of using accent mirrors to decorate a wall. A large oversized mirror adds a modern flair and can make a room seem bigger. Or create a medley of framed mirrors that is both beautiful and interesting to the eye.


Be Practical

If making an artistic impression isn’t your style, then utilize wall space to provide decorative storage with wall shelving in one of today’s on-trend styles, such as country chic or rustic charm. It’s an ideal way to can house books, collectibles and baskets while still adding a visual element to your room.

Home Wall Decor

Try the Unexpected

Wall art doesn’t have to be in a frame to qualify for display on your wall. Think outside the box and hang something that inspires you: a distressed garden gate, a pretty set of baskets, wine casket covers from your last trip to wine country, a favorite quilt, a collection of seasonal dessert plates. Make it personal and you can count on it serving as a conversation starter when you entertain.

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  1. For blank walls calligraphy stickers or any other artwork are the best options for the interiors. Using different wall patterns can also be an good alternative. Thanks for the great ideas, surely worth giving it a try.

  2. do you still have the blue and brown flower wall art for sale

    1. Hi Trish, Thank you for your comment. That is our Large Floral Canvas, you can find it on our website here:
      Thanks and have a great day!

  3. Where can I find the wood and metal shelf on page 105 of the spring 2017 catalog? Can’t seem to find it. Would love to know the price. Thanks.

    1. Hi Catherine, I’m very sorry but that shelf is no long available. Here is a link to our other shelves, perhaps there is something here you would like.

  4. I need details on how to purchase a magazine please

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  5. I love every single room on here. Thank you for such great inspiration

  6. Where can I purchase the rug in the picture reflect on this?

    1. Hi Sharon, That rug is not available, we do have many other area rugs you may like. Here is the link to our area rugs Thanks!

  7. Do you guys know when you’ll get the wall sconces that is next to that mirror and the I seriously love people wall art? I have the mirror and the never lose humor but it looks kinda funny without the other two.

    1. Hi Lindsey, Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry but we won’t be carrying that Wall Sconce with Glass or the “I Seriously Love People” wall art anymore. We do have some other options you might like here: Candle Sconces and Signs & Plaques.

  8. I am looking for a trig circle wreath with a circle or two of filbert nuts

    1. Hi Nellie,
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  9. I would love to see more French country Farmhouse look…I see your no longer have the beautiful Savannah king size bedspread ? I would love to cede more like that style in your upcoming issues..thanks.

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