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Blank Wall Ideas

Transform Your Blank Walls – Six different views of wall decor ideas, in Traditional, Farmhouse, and Transitional styles.

Wall Decorating Ideas To Transform Your Empty Walls

If you’ve been avoiding that big blank wall in your home because you’re just not sure what to put on it, then fear not. It’s time to fill empty spaces with wall décor ideas that provide plenty of inspiration.  Look at those empty walls as a blank canvas ready to make it your own! We have some decorating ideas for your blank walls to provide inspiration. Consider all the possibilities!

Large wall canvas of two blue mums and four small abstract prints, a tan chair and sofa with three accent pillows.

Large Empty Wall Ideas

When you have a big blank wall, you have the opportunity to hang an especially large piece of wall art, whether it is framed or on canvas. Be sure to choose an oversized piece that fills about two-thirds to three-quarters of your wall space and hang it so the center is at eye level. This delivers a dramatic, eye-catching focal point when decorating a large room. Be sure to read our tips on how to hang wall art below, especially with a large piece.

Kitchen wall art, including large wood COOK letters, a cow and two roosters canvases, and two woven storage baskets.

Make It a Wallscape

If you find yourself stuck trying to find that one perfect piece of wall art, but seem to never be able to locate it, then give yourself a break and consider creating a wallscape. Create a theme and then build a collage around it. Maybe it’s a design theme, such as beachy nautical or farmhouse kitchen, or pay homage to your travels with framed art that shows your personal style. A wallscape is a wonderful way to showcase your personal interests.

Dog wall art ideas to dress up blank walls

Do you have a particular passion? Pets, hobbies, and geographical locations like Italy or Hawaii are all great ways to reflect your interests. Find your pieces, hang them on the wall, stand them on a mantel, or do a bit of both—in close proximity—and you’ll add drama to your décor.

Wall Signs

 Follow the Signs

There are so many different kinds of wall art to take advantage of these days. Traditional framed prints are the old standby, but today offers up wall signs that are whimsical and full of personality for you to make your space uniquely yours. In the kitchen, you can channel your inner neighborhood grocer with wooden signs that show off vegetables and herbs, grocery art or today’s ever-popular rooster. Want more inspiration? We have even more ideas on how to tune up your room with decorative wall art.

Three Matching Wall Mirrors

Mirror Decorating Ideas

Mirror wall décor is a fantastic choice when you want to add a reflective element to your blank wall. This quality is a valuable asset in your decorating arsenal, especially when you have a small space that you want to make feel bigger than it really is. Hanging them across from a wall with more mirrors or windows will instantly open up the space. A large oversized mirror adds a modern flair and will make a room seem bigger. Or, create a medley of framed mirrors that is both beautiful and interesting to the eye. Several smaller mirrored panels add a decorative tone while still using its reflective superpowers. Do not underestimate using accent mirrors to decorate a wall!

Living room with ivory tufted sofa, chair and ottoman, a floral rug, a framed mirror, a lit sconce, and a beverage tray.

Pro Tip: What is the right height for hanging pictures? When you’re not hanging artwork specifically above a large piece of furniture, mantel or headboard, then the general rule is to hang it so that the center of the art falls at 60” to 66” from the floor.

Personalized Christmas Frames

Wall Decoration With Photo Frames

Everyone has a stack of family photos that never make it out of the shoebox in the attic. Take some time to enlarge and frame cherished family photos then create a photo gallery on a wall. Try choosing a different frame that suits the personality of each person. (Fancy for Aunt Sallie. Modern for cousin Joe.) This idea is a surefire winner when it’s your turn to host the next family gathering. Or, reflect the season with Christmas, Easter or Halloween frames.

It can be easy creating your own unique gallery arrangement on a wall. Start by putting all of your pieces on the floor. Try arranging them in different ways until you have the look that you like. Leave about two to five inches between each picture. Lay sheets of parchment or wax paper over each picture and mark where the picture hanger is. Then draw an outline of the picture. Now hang the pieces of paper on your wall in the right places. You will be able to see if your arrangement is filling the wall space the way you envisioned it. Tap a picture hanger or nail into where you marked and you are ready to hang your pictures in the right spots. We recommend using a level to ensure your pictures are nice and straight. It can be a challenge when you are looking at them so close to the wall.

Two red trunk benches with pillows, a large canvas of red roses in a yellow pot, a round black clock, and two lit sconces.

Mix It Up

Look to a mix of wall art and other items to create visual interest on your blank wall. Arrange various wall signs, pieces of artwork, a charming clock or candle sconces to create a one-of-a-kind space. You can play with vibrant colors, or make it dramatic with black and white.

Wall shelving in a living room

Be Practical

If making an artistic impression isn’t your style, then utilize wall space to provide decorative storage with wall shelving in one of today’s on-trend styles, such as country chic or rustic charm. It’s an ideal way to can house books, collectibles, and baskets while still adding a visual element to your room. You don’t need to be an interior designer to have decorating success.

Two distressed navy scroll wall gates, placed on the wall behind a bed as a headboard.

Try the Unexpected

Wall art doesn’t have to be in a frame to qualify for display on your wall. Think outside the box and hang something that inspires you: a distressed garden gate, a pretty set of baskets, wine casket covers from your last trip to wine country, a favorite quilt, a collection of seasonal dessert plates. Make it personal and you can count on it serving as a conversation starter when you entertain.

Decorating Ideas for Walls

Cover Walls Without Painting

Want to take an all-over approach that goes a step beyond painting? Use wall signs and pictures to cover the entire wall. Or, take a look at wallpaper, especially for an accent wall. Wallpaper offers a beautiful way to bring color and mood to any room and today’s patterns feel modern and fresh. It also adds texture. Or, add floating shelves or a tall console table against the wall to add depth and a place for accent pieces.

Decorative Wall Clock

It’s About Time – for Clockwork!

A large decorative clock presents an accent piece for your wall that is both eye-catching and practical all at the same time. This looks great in a main room where everyone spends plenty of time. You’ll find that it becomes the Big Ben of the space where everyone glances to catch up with the time of day.

Wall Sconces

Turn Up the Light with Sconces!

Wall décor does not have to be flat! Light fixtures, such as beautiful rubbed bronze sconces make a wonderful addition to your wall décor and add an element of light to the room as well.  Place sconces in areas that seem to call for a little more light – above a desk, along a hallway, flanking an archway. Take a look at your room with an eye toward adding this perfect wall décor element.


Wall Decor & Storage by Room Type

How you decide to use and decorate your wall is a reflection of you. Below we share ideas by room.

Living Room Wall Decor

Blank Living Room Wall Decor

Sometimes trying to find multiple wall prints that work together can be a challenge. Instead, consider one large oversized wall print, like a big beautiful landscape or floral to fill that empty wall. Choose one that features a pop of color that complements your room and provides a new focus. Center a large print over your sofa and hang it about eight to ten inches above the top of your sofa. Don’t hang it too high; you want the art and sofa to work together as a group. Hanging it too high may feel disconnected.

Bedroom Wall Decor

Empty Bedroom Wall Decor

You don’t have to stick just to wall art as you plan out how you want to make over your blank wall space. Instead, try mixing and matching a seasonal wreath alongside a set of decorative lanterns that hold tea candles. You’ll add a pretty glow and lovely ambiance to any room with this approach. Not sure how high to hang your wall art? Generally, aim for about 8-10 inches above the top of your headboard. Keep your artwork centered and within the width of your headboard to keep everything feeling connected and balanced.

Dining Room Wall Shelves

Blank Dining Room Wall Ideas

For your dining room, show off pretty serveware, vases, pitchers or teapots with stylish wire wall shelves. They provide storage with a rustic touch. Visually, they add structure while retaining an open, airy feel.

Two large flat blue and tan baskets hung on a wall above a console, with a white tufted armchair, and glass table lamp.

How to Hang Wall Art – Ideas to Transform Your Room

Artwork does a beautiful job of adding personality and ambiance to your room and filling that blank space. Once you’ve managed to choose the artwork you love, then knowing how to arrange it on your walls poses a whole other dilemma. Fear not! Our expert advice on the ins and outs of hanging art will make your home’s walls feel gallery-worthy in no time.

Aim for the Right Height

How high are you supposed to hang that big beautiful picture anyways? It can be easy to hang artwork too high. Remember to keep things eye level. When hanging art over your sofa, the center of the image should be at eye level, which is usually about one hand’s width above the sofa. When hanging a single piece of art on a wall without furniture beneath it, aim for eye level. A good rule of thumb is that the center of the picture should be about 60 inches off the ground.

Take It for a Test Drive

Save yourself the time and wall repair of rehanging, by tracing out your wall art on paper, then taping it to the wall with painter’s tape. Now you can try out different arrangements. Use your ruler and measuring tools to ensure everything is straight. Pencil marks provide a guide when you shift from planning to actually hanging the artwork.

Wall art décor including a large green canvas of five birds on a branch, two sconces, two clocks, and a versed plaque.

Mix It Up

Consider taking a gallery arrangement approach by gathering together more than just framed art. Contemplate wall sconces, a clock or an interesting wall hanging plaque to place alongside framed art or photos. Lay them all out on the floor to determine what arrangement feels right to you. We suggest starting in the middle and working your way out. Be sure to give space between each item so that your wall doesn’t feel overcrowded.

Think Inside the Grid

When a distinct grid or pattern makes everything feel right for you, then a symmetrical arrangement may be just the ticket. Family photos look great when displayed this way. Keep all your photos in the same frames and stick to one or two matte colors. Make good use of your measuring tape and keep everything on a grid, rather than in a loose composition.

Watch Your Proportions

The wall space you have available makes all the difference in which wall accents you will hang there. Small spaces need proportionately small items, such as a stacked trio of small tiles. A large expanse of wall is an ideal place to go big with a single large piece or try an extensive arrangement of multiple items to fill the wall.

Get the Hang of It

Hanging art doesn’t mean that you have to stress about locating studs or installing heavy-duty drywall anchors. All you need are the right picture-hanging hooks for your artwork’s weight. Use at least two picture hooks per piece to ensure that it remains level over time. And make good use of a level and a ruler so that everything is nice and straight.

Eye Level

Resist the temptation to hang everything at the same height. Especially when you’re working with wall art of vastly different sizes. Instead, aim to keep the middle of the art at about the same level. This approach will keep a more natural flow from wall to wall.

Done With Your Wall Decor and Now on to…

Need help with room decorating ideas for other rooms in your house? Check out our Home Decorating content for inspiration and decorating expertise for every room.

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