Fresh Ideas for Decorating Your Garden

Don’t let your garden’s plants and flowers have all the fun. Add your own decorative touch with some of these garden decorating ideas for inspiration. So often we think that our home decorating ends at the front door. But in fact, there are so many opportunities to transform your outdoor garden into a beautiful serene space that is uniquely yours.

Garden Seating

What good is a garden if you don’t give yourself a chance to spend some time and enjoy it? Arrange a small table and two chairs in some shade, place a round tree bench around a prominent tree, or hang a comfy swing from a strategic branch where you can wile away the summer days. Have a few outdoor accents such as throw pillows on hand so you can get comfortable and hang a lovely wind chime nearby to enjoy its beauty and its song.

Yard Ornament Ideas

Every season offers opportunities to decorate for the holidays with lawn and garden décor that will carry the celebration outside. In the summertime, look for patriotic flags and outdoor lanterns that can line pathways and add a special touch to your yard and garden. Is this the year that you will upgrade your home’s address sign at the front of your yard? And don’t forget to scout out the perfect locale for an adorable birdhouse that you can keep an eye on from a nearby window.

Decorative Garden Statues

When it comes to outdoor accents, a garden statue can be a lovely addition. Arrange a few small ceramic animal statues, such as a pair of bunnies or a fox throughout your garden, so they peek out with delight from the leaves. Or, go for something more prominent, like a roman goddess or an angel to watch over your blooms. Of course, you can always opt for a garden silhouette that is more playful and colorful too – it’s all a reflection of your personal style!

Flower Bed Decorating Ideas

After you’ve planted your flowers and mulched your garden beds, you may be looking to add a little something more. Think about how you can add a level or two of visual interest. Add a whiskey barrel and fill with another set of blooms. Place an old distressed wooden stepladder toward the back of your garden and add pots of flowers or a birdhouse to each step. Add wind spinners or an English garden orb for color and movement. There are so many possibilities! Want to get the kids involved? Try helping them make their own personalized garden stepping stones with our directions.

Water Features

The relaxing sound of trickling water can easily be added to any outdoor area with today’s fountains. Choose something whimsical like a puppy at play, or cater to the birds with a fountain that features a small pool where they can get a drink and take a bath.