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Decorating With Baskets & Decorative Boxes

Decorative Boxes and Basket Decorating Ideas

Baskets and decorative boxes can add a distinctive accent to your home décor. They’re perfect to wrangle personal belongings and keep them protected and easy to find, while beautifying your home and reducing clutter in any room of your home. Discover the different ways that you can use baskets and boxes to organize your home and add charm to your décor.

Space Saver

When considering storage options, it’s important to utilize every possible place, including your walls. Wall baskets make exceptional use of your wall’s real estate while keeping the look attractive. Fill them with clothing, office supplies, remote controls, DVDs, keys and anything else that needs to find an easy-to-access home. Home office work surfaces stay clutter-free when you take office storage to the walls, where baskets can store office supplies, organize mail and keep important documents close at hand.

Clearly Organized

Open shelving can provide a great place for decorative items, but doesn’t offer the most secure place for them. Basket shelves, on the other hand, can prevent items from falling, while offering greater storage options. Use them in your bathroom to store towels and other bathroom necessities, or in your family room to store extra games, reading materials and DVDs.

Chalk It Up

Chalkboard boxes are the latest in wonderful little creations. Their versatile use makes them the supreme solution for storing a variety of items. Use chalkboard boxes in your craft room to organize supplies by hobby. Simply write on the outside of the box to identify its contents. Whenever you’re ready to switch out contents, then a quick pass of the eraser makes it easy to make the change.

Clutter Control

Hamper baskets are a versatile storage solution designed to complement your décor. Use them in the bathroom as a laundry hamper for towels. One of our favorite ways to use hamper baskets is in the kids’ rooms to store children’s toys or dress-up outfits. These handy baskets are easy to access, make toy cleanup a breeze and provide a perfect storage solution for a cluttered kid’s bedroom.

Stow and Go

Catchall baskets can serve as storage workhorses in your entryway. Baskets add style and minimize the shoe clutter at your front door. Don’t let gloves, hats, and scarves get lost in the shuffle. Stash them in baskets and tuck them away in your coat closet or under your entryway bench.

How Do You Use Baskets & Boxes?

Comment below and tell us how baskets and boxes help to keep your home organized.

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I’m trying to find ways to organize my home but also add some rustic-style decorations to make it look nice. I loved your idea to use baskets as storage in your entryway to boost your home’s style and establish a place to put shoes. I’ll have to look for nesting baskets to buy to do this!

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