12 Storage Ideas and Tips to Get Organized

How often do we lament that our homes just don’t have enough room for all our things? If only we had enough storage! Well, without popping the top on your home, you can find decorative home storage solutions for almost every room in your home. Read our handy tips and imagine where you can make storage look downright decorative.


Kitchen Storage

Shelve It – Today’s farmhouse chic trend provides a multitude of choices in kitchen storage. From a cubby wall shelf, to rustic shelving, to kitchen storage cabinets, they offer a great way to turn empty wall space into cool storage space. Fill cubbies with mugs, canisters, folded linens or bowls with fresh fruit. They provide a unique place to stay organized and showcase your favorite kitchen items.

Hang It – A pot rack expertly wrangles pots and pans right where you need them, while freeing up much needed cabinet space down below.

Roll It – A portable kitchen island that rolls wherever you need it can serve double duty, storing items in its shelves and drawers and becoming a makeshift serving cart at a moment’s notice.


Bathroom Storage

Stack It – Utilize every inch of bathroom storage space in the cabinet below a sink by adding stacking bins or sliding drawers to the space.

Save It – The small space of a bathroom often proves the most challenging when it comes to finding storage space. Strategically place a bathroom space saver on the wall behind your toilet to utilize this often under-utilized area with shelves and cabinets.

Display It – Show off your pretty bathroom accessories in a rustic bathroom cabinet. This will move items off your countertop, which has a habit of being a cluttered zone, while adding a decorative element to the space.


Bedroom Storage

Stash It – Look to rattan storage trunks to add an element of style to your bedroom that also offers a place to store any extras linens, pillows and blankets. One can even double as a clothes hamper.

Box It – Piles of mail, stacks of catalogs, greeting cards and letters – they can all be stored beautifully in decorative storage boxes right in plain sight. Another pretty option is to corral it all in a tower of decorative hat boxes.

Hide It – Imagine bringing order to all your necklaces, earrings and bracelets with jewelry organization in an armoire that also doubles as a full-length mirror. This kind of double duty is what beautiful storage is all about.


Living Room Storage

Any time you have furniture that serves double duty, then you earn bonus points for organizing. Stash extra blankets, out-of-season pillows, remote controls, electronics user manuals, and even game equipment when it is not in use.

Capture It – Wrangle all those media accessories, like game discs, books, remote controls, CDs and DVDs, in an attractive TV stand with storage. Choose one with glass doors to keep an open look and provide an easy way to scan the inventory inside.

Conceal It – Console tables with storage that is built right in is a practical and attractive way to hide all those extras that are handy to have close by, but pile up and make your room look cluttered when they have no official home. Store remote controls, extra pillows and seasonal throws there.

Mobilize It – Every living room can use a rolling storage ottoman to put your feet up, but one that serves as a place to stow whatever you need and adds style points to the room will certainly earn a gold star.

What’s Your Organizing Secret?

Have you found an amazing way to add storage to one of the rooms in your home? Share your storage tips with us!