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Home Storage Solutions for Every Room in the House

Time to Declutter and Organize Your Home – Woven baskets with lids, hanging pot holder, metal entry bench with drawers.

Home Storage Ideas to Declutter & Get Organized!

How often do we lament that our homes just don’t have enough room for all our things? If only we had enough home storage! It can pose an especially big challenge when you’re limited by small spaces. Never fear, here we offer up storage solutions for every room in your home that are not only practical but stylish as well. Read our handy tips and imagine where you can make storage look downright decorative.

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Kitchen Storage

You only have so much footprint in your kitchen, so be sure to utilize your space to your best advantage. Need storage in your kitchen nook? Add a small sideboard or decorative barn door-style cabinet (one of its best qualities is its ability to hang on the wall or sit on the floor depending on your space).

Versatile Wire Wall Shelves

Shelve It – Today’s farmhouse chic trend provides a multitude of choices in kitchen storage. From a cubby wall shelf, to rustic shelving, to kitchen storage cabinets, they offer a great way to turn empty wall space into cool storage space. Fill cubbies with mugs, canisters, cutting boards, folded linens, or bowls with fresh fruit. They provide a unique place to stay organized and showcase your favorite kitchen items. A handy storage basket or two looks perfect inside shelves and can be filled with all sorts of items that would otherwise make your space look cluttered.

Hang It – Free up cabinet space with the addition of a pot rack where you can hang pots and pans so that they are close at hand. Wall space is a key ingredient for maximizing storage space. A pot rack expertly wrangles pots and pans right where you need them while freeing up much-needed cabinet space down below. Add extra space with a wall organizer or cubbies to hold decorative pieces.

Kitchen Storage and Roller Cart

Roll It – When space is at a premium, a rolling cart can be the way to move your necessities from one room to another. A portable kitchen island that rolls wherever you need it can serve double duty, storing items in its shelves and drawers and becoming a makeshift serving cart at a moment’s notice. Or, roll them into the dining area to have servingware quick at hand.

Over the Toilet Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Storage

Extend your bathroom storage capabilities with ingenious storage that is specifically designed just for the small, tight-knit spaces found in bathrooms. Instantly add shelves over the toilet bowl, or tucked inside the corner of your shower. Even better, add an over-the-toilet cabinet. Utilize wall space with open shelving that looks decorative while keeping things tidy. Wrangle all those bathroom essentials with an ingenious organizing unit near the mirror.

Stack It – Utilize every inch of bathroom storage space in the cabinet below a sink by adding stacking bins or sliding drawers to the space.

Save It – The small space of a bathroom often proves the most challenging when it comes to finding storage space. Strategically place a bathroom space saver on the wall behind your toilet to utilize this often under-utilized area with shelves and cabinets.

Display It – Show off your pretty bathroom accessories in a rustic bathroom cabinet. This will move items off your countertop, which has a habit of being a cluttered zone while adding a decorative element to the space.

Linens – Sort towels and wash clothes like with like. Stack in sets (2 bath towels and washcloths per person and 4 hand towels) for easy use. Make a place that’s easy to access and has enough space for all your towels. Storing on open shelves can keep them organized, easy to grab and create more room for toiletries under the sink or in cabinets. Pro Tip: Rolled linens look good on an open shelf.

Toiletries – Keep items used every day in a convenient basket you can pull out from a drawer or cupboard. Put away to keep counters clean and clutter-free. Toiletries like make-up, lotion or moisturizers all make sense to place together. Pay attention to these items as age and time can compromise them and may need to be replaced before they are used up. Create a toiletries “pantry” for extras and duplicates (a garage shelf, closet or laundry room cupboard can work). Keep travel-size toiletries together in a tote. Pro Tip: Set some out with a towel set for overnight guests.


Bedroom Storage

Stash It – Look to rattan storage trunks to add an element of style to your bedroom that also offers a place to store any extras linens, pillows and blankets. Changing seasons, multiple wardrobes and plenty of shoes are just a few reasons why storage chests are a natural in the bedroom. They look fantastic stacked next to a conversation chair and hide away out-of-season clothes and shoes and extra sets of sheets. One can even double as a clothes hamper.

Box It – Piles of mail, stacks of catalogs, greeting cards and letters – they can all be stored beautifully in decorative storage boxes right in plain sight. Another pretty option is to corral it all in a tower of decorative hat boxes.

bedroom storage bench

Hide It – Put a storage bench at the end of your bed. It’s a handy spot to store extra blankets and pillows, plus, it’s a great place to sit when you put on slippers or shoes.

Imagine bringing order to all your necklaces, earrings and bracelets with jewelry organization in an armoire that also doubles as a full-length mirror. This kind of double duty is what beautiful storage is all about.

Be the Perfect Host – For the guest bedroom, fill a wicker basket with freshly laundered towels and a bouquet of lavender. Provide pretty storage containers for visitors to place valuables and odds & ends.

Living Room Storage Ideas

Living Room Storage

Any time you have furniture that serves double duty, then you earn bonus points for organizing. Stash extra blankets, out-of-season pillows, remote controls, electronics user manuals, and even game equipment when it is not in use.

Declutter It – Picking up and putting away should be a daily chore, but let’s be honest, life gets busy! Make a trip around the family room with a box and gather the “put-aways.” Clear all the surfaces of clutter. It’s amazing what a difference looking around and having a clean slate can make. Now sort and carefully select what to put back. Create groupings if you want to display items. Three is optimum. Some things will rotate seasonally. Make a room storage bin for the garage or a closet. Be sure to have a “donate” box ready.

Overwhelmed with decluttering? Sometimes the best way to start is gathering all similar things into piles then pick a category to work on first. Just seeing everything together can show you how much excess or duplicates you have (pens/paper/books etc.).

Capture It – Wrangle all those media accessories, like game discs, books, remote controls, CDs and DVDs, in an attractive TV stand with storage. Choose one with glass doors to keep an open look and provide an easy way to scan the inventory inside.

Seagrass Coffee Table

Conceal It – Console tables with storage that is built right in is a practical and attractive way to hide all those extras that are handy to have close by, but pile up and make your room look cluttered when they have no official home. Store remote controls, extra pillows and seasonal throws there.

Mobilize It – Every living room can use a rolling storage ottoman to put your feet up, but one that serves as a place to stow whatever you need and adds style points to the room will certainly earn a gold star.

Magazines & Books – Periodicals and newspapers should be sorted weekly. Books can be sorted bi-annually. Find a stylish storage solution like baskets and decorative bins for periodicals and books. Place by common seating areas. If keeping a lot of books, invest in shelving. Donate read periodicals to a local doctor’s office, shelter or nursing home. Unwanted books can be donated to the USO for overseas soldiers or leave them in a Little Free Library.

Pictures & Memorabilia – Choose a favorite collection to feature photo collections or memorabilia. Maybe it’s time to eliminate some extra collectibles. Keep what makes you happy. Photos can be sorted by duplicates, to-store and to-be-framed. Use your imagination to find ways to display your collectibles. Think shadowboxes, terrariums, apothecary jars and boxes. Raid your attic. Browse flea markets. Be inspired. Let your own personal style show and you’ll feel at home with your collections.

Remember, a place for everything and everything has its place.

Home Office Shelving

Home Office Storage

Your home office is likely to be the headquarters for a whole lot more than just your daily work. Mail, homework, recipes, and stacks of reading material all land here. Divide and conquer with a multi-drawer cabinet or a pair of ladders shelves that fill hold books, file folders and small printers with decorative ease. Matching desktop accessories can help inspire everyday organization. A wall organizer makes quick work of organizing mail and everyday correspondence. Use willow baskets to manage incoming mail or a place to add files. Add a storage bench under a window for extra storage space. Fill baskets or baskets and slide them into shelves to keep everything neat and organized.

Foyer Storage Ideas

Foyer Storage Ideas

The foyer marks the first stop when entering your home and often the first chance to stop clutter before it spreads throughout the house. A stylish coat tree catches coats, hats, and umbrellas. Add a shoe rack for the ultimate way to utilize vertical space in a small entryway and open up floor space. Or, consider an entryway storage bench with bins for each family member to hold everything from sports equipment to backpacks to purses. Think of it as a preemptive strike against clutter. A pretty bench also provides a place to sit, or a temporary landing spot for guests to drop bags as they arrive.

How to Organize Your Linen Closet

Organize the Linen Closet

If your linen closet is a disaster waiting to happen, then it’s time to take drastic measures.  Here are some storage-savvy secrets to organize your linen closet. Rather than warning people to be careful when they open the door, instead, get this space in order and under control. Here are a few tips to help you transform your linen closet into a useful storage area.

Simplify the Bedding – End the search for matching bed sheets by storing a complete set inside one of its pillowcases. Everything will be in one place and ready when you need it, and you won’t have to waste time searching for items. If you have multiple bed sizes, organize the sets by size—twins on one shelf, queens on another and so on. Be sure to keep defining details, like trim, clearly visible. Store extra bedding, quilts, and pillows in space-saving vacuum-sealed bags on the top shelves of your closets.

Fold Towels the Right Way – Everyone has a different way to fold towels, but the most space-efficient option seems to be to fold them in thirds lengthwise and then in half to form a rectangle. If your towels will fit well across one shelf, then you may find that simply folding them in thirds or fourths lengthwise and then rolling them into a cylinder to be the best option.

Gather the Table Linens – Napkins, table runners and placemats can be stored in a decorative basket or pullout tray in a sideboard. The various sizes will be neatly contained, and you can just carry the entire basket to the table when it’s time to put out fresh table linens. Remember to put special seasonal items into a rotating storage pattern so that you’re not sorting through Christmas linens when you really want colorful spring table linens. Hang tablecloths on sturdy hangers or store them folded flat on a closet shelf.

Keep Necessities Handy – If your linen closet is like many others, then you have an overabundance of smaller items that need to be sorted and corralled. Baskets or totes wrangle smaller items like extra light bulbs, toiletries, and a first aid kit. This also prevents items from becoming lost in the back of the closet. It will take a little time to get your closet organized, but you’ll be thrilled with the results. When you can open the door and put your hands on the items you want, you’ll be glad that you made this space a priority.

Off-Season Storage – Rather than putting everything in this closet, make use of other storage areas around the home for your out-of-season items. Take the off-season items and tuck them into bins out in the garage, down in the basement or even in the back of a closet.

Clever Storage Ideas for Kids Toys

Clever Storage Ideas for Kids Toys

Santa may have answered your kids’ Christmas wishes, but he probably didn’t leave anything to keep all those toys organized. Give them a place all their own with toy bench or multi-tiered storage baskets. Children’s books and games can quickly take over any room. Vertical bins, drawer systems, or decorative set of chests can provide a kid-friendly place to keep playtime organized. Toys can be brought out at a moment’s notice and tidied up just as quick.

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Laundry Room Organization

We all spend our fair share of time in the laundry room. Make it more fun and organized by pairing bright, space‐saving storage shelves with whimsical wall art. All of a sudden, laundry isn’t so bad of a chore after all! Storage shelves will hold all of your cleaning supplies and household chemicals, putting them out of reach from children. Also, in the absence of outdoor storage, it can be the most convenient place for your small garden tools and such.

Time to Declutter

Half the battle is getting rid of all the stuff that you really don’t need or want. Do you really still want those old race T-shirts that you haven’t worn in over five years? Do you really need five pairs of scissors? And just because you attended that last conference for work, doesn’t mean you’re obligated to keep all those logo-emblazoned giveaways. Grant yourself permission to let some of that stuff go. Toss it or donate it to a local charity.

You’ll feel better right away.

What’s Your Home Storage Secrets?

Have you found an amazing way to add storage to one of the rooms in your home? Share your storage tips with us in the comments below!

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How about storage ideas for my tiny log cabin _
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Just received my free catalog in the mail last week and had to go to your site. I LOVE IT! Just bookmarked it to my faves. Can’t wait to decide what to order first!

Wonderful! Glad you like it :) Let us know how you like your purchase!

With a family of 6 and not enough storage space, or closets, cabinets and other storage ideas give me peace of mind and makes keeping up with items a lot more manageable. Open for suggestions for rooms without closets. I have bought 2 portable storage closets already. Love them.


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