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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Small Bathroom. Big Ideas.

Your bathroom is likely the smallest room in the house, but don’t dismiss it as a place that doesn’t deserve a special touch. Plus, because it’s such a small space, it can be the most affordable and easy to tackle. Now is the perfect time for a bathroom makeover!

Decorative Bathroom Mirror

Reflect on Your Bathroom Mirror

Not all bathroom mirrors are created equal! Elevate your bathroom’s look by replacing an uninspiring mirror with a stylish, upscale one and your room instantly benefits from wall art with mood and style. Pick one with a pretty metallic design or an interesting frame.

Rolling Storage Ottoman

Bathroom Storage Goes Mobile

A rolling storage ottoman be just the thing to add some flexibility to your bathroom storage options. Not only does it store essentials, but also provides a soft spot to land where you need it. Or, transform your bathroom by changing out the usual medicine cabinet with something unique. Fill a rustic wall cabinet with scented soaps, luxurious lotions and little pampering extras.

Bathroom Storage Ideas Shelving Unit

Bathroom Organization Goes Rustic

Today’s rustic style gives new inspiration to bathroom decorating. Let a set of tiered shelves in rustic wood and metal show off your bathroom mainstays of towels, glass jars and soaps.

Bathroom Shower Curtain

Add a Feminine Touch

Contrast today’s industrial, rustic style with a touch of feminine charm. Lay a delicately crocheted bath mat on the floor or hang a ruffled shower curtain in a creamy shade of white. Indulge in softness – splurge with a complete set of super-soft, luxurious Egyptian cotton bathroom towels.

Bathroom Accessories Soap Box

Don’t Forget Those Bathroom Accessories

Yes, even this small space has room for a few decorative accessories to give it personality. Display a whimsical soapbox on a shelf or keep a bud vase near the sink with a stem of your favorite flower.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas Laundry Baskets

Wrangle the Laundry

Look to attractive wicker baskets as a bathroom storage option that keeps things nice and organized in any bathroom. Use multiple baskets in varying sizes so everything has its own place.

Vintage Bathroom

Uncover the Vintage Charm in Your Bathroom

Don’t ditch your older style bathroom fixtures, instead embrace them for their retro appeal with these bathroom decorating ideas. Add a few vintage elements and show off the charisma that it seems only time can bring! If you’re ready to transform your bathroom, look at how you can add that vintage appeal to every element in the room. Instead of a standard cabinet, add flair with a special shelving unit in whimsical distressed metal. Open shelves provide the opportunity to show off pretty accessories and piles of luxurious towels. Add a milky white old-fashioned bowl and pitcher for a throwback to yesteryear.


Spa Bathroom Decor Ideas

You don’t have to escape to a fancy spa to experience luxurious pampering. Try some of these easy bathroom decorating ideas to transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat right in your own home. You’ll be able to create a serene relaxing retreat with your own calming oasis any day of the week.


Create Your Space

A beautiful shower curtain hung around your tub creates a special ambiance and puts a barrier between the tub and the rest of the room. Now you’ll feel like you’re truly escaping.

Rainbow Tealight Holder

Soothe Your Senses

Make a place that immediately feels soothing and relaxing. Play soft music, hang a beautiful lighting fixture with soft glowing tea lights, and add your favorite aromatherapy elements.

Start your bathroom makeover right now and share with us on Facebook how you’ve added a lot of style for less.

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I love your items! They are excellent quality, and affordable prices. Can’t wait to order more! Me house is SO “homey” now! Thank you for having it all in one place.

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