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Traditional Christmas Front Door Decorating [Video]


The weekend’s almost here. I’m Robin with Front Door Friday. Join me today as I create a beautiful traditional Christmas front door.

Guess what? There’s more than one way to hang a wreath. Use a wreath to decorate hanging light fixtures. Secure with floral wire. You can personalize artificial greenery. When you’re pulling together garlands, topiaries and other accessories, add a bow and matching ornaments so they look like a set. Adding extra elements also fills them out and creates a richer, unique look. Now let’s add some depth.

Looks good. Spend some time fluffing wreaths and garlands. It’s an extra step that makes a big difference. Save those Amazon and mail order boxes. Wrap them for the porch. Remember to add a brick inside the box for stability. That’s it for this week’s Front Door Friday.

I encourage you to step out and try some front door decorating this weekend. To learn more, check out the Country Door blog. And I’ll see you next Friday. Happy decorating and God bless.

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