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Nautical Bedroom Décor Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Coastal Style Look

Whether you are just dreaming of that beach house getaway or you have a seaside cottage that needs the perfect nautical touch, we have the inside line on how to evoke the spirit of the sea in your home.

A nautical-themed bedroom can make your guests feel as though you’re vacationing in a beachfront cottage. And, left your kids & worries at home! Start with an oversized quilt in a tranquil shade of blue that has a distinctive coastal vibe.

Let your wall art invoke the spirit of the ocean and set the right mood within any bedroom that is aiming for the perfect coastal living look. A large piece of abstract art can bring focus to the room.

Calming shades of blue are a hallmark of comfortable nautical décor, so add them in smaller accent pieces like a trio of blue coastal bottles or an accent rug in a gorgeous hue or seaworthy pattern.

Mount matching wall sconce lights that feature an intricate sphere of metal bands on both sides of an iron scrollwork headboard to provide light for reading in bed and a quaint cottage look.

It only takes a few accent pieces to make the nautical theme come to life. Hang a weathered sunburst wall mirror, nautical words of wisdom, or place a galvanized vase on a bedside table.

Opt for a bedside table in a weathered or whitewashed finish to complete the nautical theme. Change out everyday cabinet pulls and knobs to ones that offer a seaworthy feel.

A white and blue floral quilt with matching shams and white sheets, against sunny windows and a table with flowers.

Decorate Your Bedroom with Nautical-Themed Bedding & Furnishings

You don’t have to book a ticket to a far-away resort to make your escape. Just turn your bedroom into your own private luxury “resort-style” getaway with these bedroom decorating ideas.

Completely transform the look and mood of your room by swapping out bed coverings. Count on a flower-inspired quilt to make your bedroom feel like it’s right out of a bed and breakfast retreat.

Be sure to satisfy all the senses by filling the room with the delightful scent of blooming flowers or the ocean breeze thanks to scented, flameless candles.

Add an inspirational piece of wall art or a blooming garden wreath to bring new life to your walls. Pick a few blooms from the garden and place them in a vase along a window ledge or on your nightstand. Clear away clutter and create an artful display at the same time with a corner desk in an otherwise unused corner of your room.

You can carry your nautical theme beyond your master bedroom into your guest bedrooms, or vary it slightly with a different coastal style.

Beach Bedroom Décor

Coastal Bedroom Idea with Beach & Ocean Themed Décor

A seaside visit may be just what your bedroom décor needs to send you drifting off into sweet dreams. A beach theme is perfect when you want your bedroom to have the air of a beachside retreat. Cool, soothing colors and coastal-themed décor combine to create an atmosphere worthy of any vacation getaway.

Just about any beach cottage has a light and airy feel to it thanks to a simple, cool color palette. It doesn’t take much to achieve this. Stay neutral with creamy shades of white and add a cool shade of blue for an accent. White furniture can serve as a perfect foundation; consider a whitewashed headboard or a shabby chic bedside table. Hang a piece of abstract art in the bedroom that channels this refreshing color palette.

Set your seaside mood with beach-themed bedding. Try a nautical-style quilt set with matching shams and layer it with crisp white sheets. Keep accent linens, such as blankets, in a neutral shade. Be sure to add plenty of throw pillows to match and support your new ocean-inspired room.

Natural textures are a natural fit in any coastal-themed room. Throw down a basket weave, sisal indoor/outdoor area rug next to the bed. Try changing up a traditional bed headboard for a natural seagrass headboard.

No beach cottage look would be complete without a few shells, a piece of coral or coastal artwork around to provide the right flavor of seaside bliss. Look for a few key decorative accents that add just the right touch. The key here is to not go overboard. It’s okay to be subtle. Read our inspiration for ways to create the coastal look for less.

The view out your window may not be anywhere near a beach, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t set the mood with a lovely piece of coastal artwork that makes it seem not so far away. Pick a piece of canvas wall art with a seascape, or a charming bicycle waiting for you once you finish walking along the shore. Just one piece of artwork can practically have you smelling the salty air.

Let a nautical-themed table lamp, like one made out of ship rope, provide light while extending the beach look in the room. Or add an oversized nautical clock above a foyer table. You need light and a timepiece in your room; you might as well use these opportunities to extend your beach décor theme.

Beach Bedroom Décor

How did you Decorate Your Nautical Bedroom?

Share with us how you transformed your bedroom with a seaside coastal beach theme in the comment section below.


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Can you tell me where I can find the quilt set at the top of this page. It is solid dark blue on top with a paisley print around the sides in aqua. I love it. thank you

Lovely coastal interiors, makes me feel like beeping by the beach

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